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  1. I see Tekkit now has forcefields, redstone tools, block movers, walruses, nuclear reactors, new spaceships, and apparently something named a "narcissistic turtle". I'm really excited to try all of these new features out, but sadly I don't have a lot of spare time. Could some kind person write up a summary of how Tekkit and its community is doing these days? I'm interested mainly in the NASA Tekkit, since Classic and Lite seem to be discontinued in favor of it. I guess I have some specific questions too: a) Does MFFS actually work now (in NASA)? I recall it was busted in multiplayer Tekkit Lite, apparently it still is. Are the new block movers (Redstone In Motion) better than RP2 frames? Does it crash client as often as RP2 frames does? c) What are the common banned items? Back in the day it was EE2 (almost universally), IC2 lasers and nukes (protection issues), Balkon's weapons (protection issues), computers in some servers (lag), etc. d) Are Mystcraft and Dimensional Doors still banned in most servers or have they fixed those issues? e) What are the best PvP gear? Last time I played NASA Tekkit there was only Modular Powersuits. Is that still the case? Thanks in advance.
  2. Simple deal: How do the three meteor minerals (meteorite, frezarite, kreknorite) compare to vanilla minerals in terms of armor power? Basically I have a Kreknorite chestplate and I don't know if I should replace my diamond chestplate with it or just uncraft it and sell the kreknorite for goods and services.
  3. There is no such thing as "force op". What happened to your server was just a recently discovered glitch in the MC authorization system. I don't know if there's a fix for Tekkit servers, however there is a fix in the latest RB of Bukkit 1.6.2.
  4. Personally, Tekkit Lite is my favorite pack. Tekkit Classic is too outdated and has way too many dupe bugs, and the new Tekkit is good but lacks IC2 and RP2 which are instrumental to me. Now with that said, It's sad that they still haven't fixed forcefields in multiplayer.
  5. Are they now? I highly doubt Tekkit Lite will see another update. They're putting all their efforts into Galacticraft Tekkit and Hexxit.
  6. Any changes you make to the network will make it stop crafting. ME cables, ME blocks, etc. Also the chunk does have to stay loaded.
  7. Huh? Endermen are pussies. Two hits with nano saber and it's dead, assuming he didn't pussy away after the first hit like they always do. The Athame is useless against other mobs. I haven't done any testing myself so I don't have any real numbers, but what about an enchanted halberd? You may be able to enchant nano and quantum armor but not the blade. In contrast you can enchant a halberd with Sharpness V, Fire Aspect II, Knockback II, Vorpal II, Unbreaking III, and maybe some more. My best guess is that baby must do more than 10 points. It's also harder to make due to the randomness of enchants, but with an efficient mob essence setup, it's possible.
  8. Three seconds? That's pretty slow. Either way if you manage to figure it out, you'd have to ban computers as well to prevent circumventing.
  9. My guess is you leave the area while it's mining and by the time it reaches diamond level you travel too far away from it. Computers (and turtles) shut down whenever the chunk is unloaded, and if you're more than 10 chunks away (or whatever the server admin set it to if you're playing online) the chunk will unload. CC doesn't have any persistence mechanism that I'm aware, so you have to write your own turtle mining program that'll store coordinates and detect if it had been previously stopped by a chunk unload. EDIT: Maybe you can just make a startup file to run the mining program. I don't really use turtles for mining so I don't know how the built-in miner works.
  10. It died. I checked the console every now and then and it was always empty. I kept it running because it didn't really affect me (I'm already used to sleeping next to computer fans) until I had a power outage that corrupted the world and probably would've required deleting some chunks. By that time I didn't bother since nobody was active anymore, and dismantled the thing. I apologize for not posting here before. I was busy with work and it slipped my mind.
  11. Quick question: how big of an area does a ghast need to spawn from a MFR auto-spawner? Thanks in advance.
  12. I haven't tested myself, but based on previous experience, my guess is no. Mining turtles have bypassed every protection system I've used across all three different editions of Tekkit. Actually, with one notable exception: Towny for the latest Tekkit Classic.
  13. lacrossemaniac - Approved. What issues are you having with it? If you're using BukkitForge, switch to MCPC+. Grief Prevention is barely usable with BukkitForge.
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