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  1. Exactly! IC2 and RP are awesome and you can't have true Tekkit without them. Check out my thread where me and like 4 other people have a huge debate about this. It also talks about my own pack which is Tekkit Lite plus railcraft and forestry added back and a couple of other mods. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/tekkit-lite-the-way-it-should-have-been.51835/ Edit: My pack also includes optifine, damage indicators, bibliocraft, and icbm and will be updated again soon. It's like Tekkit Lite enhanced.
  2. Well Tekkit 1 wasn't part of "Tekkit Classic". I'm not sure why they separated Tekkit 2 and 3 since I could never care or tell the difference. I never did play Tekkit 1 but I did play Tekkit 2 and 3 a lot. Why shouldn't this "Tekkit Main" have a number? It is an "official" tekkit version like 1 2 and 3. You people seem to think "Tekkit Main" has a chance of updating to the newest MC version but it doesn't. I bet it'll just be abandon like the rest and be called Tekkit 4.
  3. Me? You never even talked to me. I'd like to know you. It is an HONOR to reply to you glorious PAINS Heavyweight Champion. How did you do it?
  4. The constant updates. Hoppers are cool but there are enough tekkit things to do it's job.
  5. I see what you're saying but none of that is a solid reason why it shouldn't be called Tekkit 4. It is the "main version of Tekkit", and before it was Tekkit 3 (which is now Tekkit Classic) so why shoudn't it be Tekkit 4?
  6. So you're saying modders like it, people who use mods, or mod pack makers? All these people don't like this and neither should you.
  7. Yes, there is. Not only buildcraft chute, but also that one red-power machine (i forget its name its fairy common) and obsidian pipes. I'm sure there are a couple more. It's true. Notch: Improves the core game mechanics and develops it, codes slowly, taking time to his decisions, created minecraft by himself, has the best ideas for its future. Almost always has good improvements, but takes a while to do it. Jeb: Doesn't really improve the base game itselft, just throws more and more content on top of it. Most of this content is useless or peices from popular mods (done worse then them). Updates Minecraft so fast spamming new content that mod makers can't keep up. Is good when alongside Notch, but not on his own. Needs to take his time and fix bugs.
  8. Man I'll call it Tekkit 4 all I want because that's a good name and it makes sense. I thought you said they could be. WTF. Please explain why they, for some reason, wouldn't add them if they could. That is a sickening thought.
  9. Theres at least 5 tekkit items that do the same thing as hopper, excpet better. And 1.5 can't have "pretty much" the same stuff. It's aint got none rp3 and ic2. #TekkitLite #Technic #Minecraft #JebSucks #1.4.7 #ModdedMinecraft #tekkit
  10. It would be soooo easy without item and block ids. No ID conflicts ever. I can't wait to see what Tekkit will look like after this update. IT could have like 100 mods and they all work perfect. I can't wait until you can log onto a server with any mods on the serverside and then you can play on it. Like the client would download all the server's textures, settings and mods. So anyway... would you guys at least try my modpack and tell me if you like it? Be expecting an update in under 5 days to version 1.3. I'll add a few mods and fix some things. You can suggest some mods if you want. I just want feedback on my pack, regardless if you think "Tekkit 4" is better.
  11. Yes I kinda agree with what you're saying, but Tekkit 4 is just missing some of the mods I really like and that's why I'm not going to use it: simple. I really do hope IC2 and RP get updated so they can be added to the new Tekkit. But I am always going to miss railcraft. By updating/working on Tekkit Lite I mean just, for now, fixing bugs, changing configs, adding a few new mods, and such. But what other people are saying is true, that Tekkit Lite was an experiment and Tekkit 4 is basically Tekkit Lite. But since to Redpower, IC2, forestry, railcraft and such I don't really like it. It's kinds the modders fault. Modding API? Independent of Versions? NO MORE IDS? OHHHHH YEAAAH i've been waiting for this forever.
  12. I found galacticraft to be a bit disappointing, but it is a good idea and a good addition to tekkit. It was awesome, but I disagree with your points: 1. Tekkit Lite could have updated: The idea of it (hence the light) was to be for forge and for the newer version of minecraft mulitplayer. It was suppose to be the "new" tekkit. The replacer of Tekkit Classic to rule the new version and update a lot. Or at least it could of. Why did they do this to this poor poor pack. It was so good. 2. How was it "good" that it ended. 3. I know that, but it still has a big following. It has a huge following if you count the endless other user-packs that stemmed from it, including mine.
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