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  1. too .... small... 10... hundred....times... bigger ..... and.....laggier....
  2. well after i publiced that post i only then saw the real post so sorry but that the sad reality
  3. if creator of optifine doesnt want his mod in mod packs, then why he dont go to court, because people still use his mod in modpacks(outdated and now going)
  4. its guns mod not food mod dont you know think called google or minecraft forums
  5. NO flans mod is better, because you can customize it
  6. flans mod flans mod flans mod flans mod (only requirements - you can dowlnload content packs without messing up voltz)
  7. can you add flans mod in next version of voltz?
  8. it eould be very good if you press that like or what ever that button is called of my post to support me
  9. Can you please add Flan's mod to Voltz mod pack, because there is missles, that makes it warfare mod, but they need vehicles and gunz, so its more ...... warfare.
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