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  1. I have just logged on to my personal Tekkit server that i share with my brother and a friend to find that the mountain outside my house has a massive chunk missing which has been placed through my house, erasing everything i owned within and replacing it with stone, also a chunk of the ground has been placed a little further away. Does anyone know how to reverse this as for some reason there are no previous versions to restore it to before it happened
  2. Title: Nano Saber graphics glitching heavily Version: 3.1.2 OS: Windows 7 Java Version: Latest Description of Problem: Whenever i turn my nano saber on, it constantly flashes on and off and then sheathes itself then comes back up as if i was cycling through my hotbar and constantly goes through a cycle of that nature yet in no particular order. I have been unable to find a fix for this bug that works for me, i have tried dropping it, charging it whilst its on, going into the nether with it and reloading my server but to no avail. Please help. Thanks Error Messages: Error Log:
  3. I have a small Tekkit server with 5 people max but just so that i can play with a few people, and build some cool stuff. The server will be up from half 4 until 7ish London time and there is nothing disabled, apart from advanced machinery because that seems to crash my server I know what im doing so i can also help other people, it is a hamachi server and to join the username is 'Alfie Join' and the password is 'Waller'. The IP of the server is Thanks to anyone who wants to join, its just a bit of fun building whatever: our own facilities or just collecting resources for a massive project
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