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  1. @Totalfury if some one griefs me will that said person be banned and my stuff givin back? and the mod i wanted to bring to your attention i saw in a yogscast vid it allows you to teleport to the waypoints you have made and how do i became added to whitelist?
  2. In Game Name: Vizardking316 Age:20 Would i find your name on a banlist on MCbans? If so why did you get banned?: No Why do you like to play Tekkit lite?: love to build and find new ways to build aswell as get along with others i also like to do geothermal Why this server?: im looking for a 100% non grief server and hoping this may be it *i have a few questions what do u have for grief protection (if it is the claim system) how big of claims do we get because i like to use the nether for geothermal power are there any other banned items and if so can i have a full list? if i dont want to pvp can i be put on a list or something i prefer just survival? is this a 100% non grief server including overworld and nether? if i were to suggest a mod would you consider adding it?
  3. i wanted to try you server out but i want to know somethings first is it a no grief server including the nether? what is the full item/ban list for the claims how big is the claim we get? because i like to use the nether for geothermal how active are the admin/mods
  4. Username: Vizardking316 Age: 20 Why Tekkitopia? im tired of servers with admins who are unfair and people grieving and building on top of me and would like a server were people dont mind playing together Your secret code: 14viz -not sure if i understood this i do apologize for any spelling or grammar i do have a slight learning prob
  5. Title: Pumps not working Version: 0.5.1 OS: win 7 64 bit Java Version: 7-13 Description of Problem: i hooked up 4 pumps in the nether to pump lava into a teseract yet only one pump pumps the lava Error Messages: Error Log:
  6. i would have thought you used the energy meter but i cant figure out how to get the thing work and there is no info about it on tekkit wiki google brings up nothing aswell my Geothermal generators seem to be acting funny so i want to see if there current /power is going through the wires without unhooking all my other power is there a way?
  7. Title: Mfe positioning/transformer Version: 0.5.1 OS: win 7 64 bit Java Version: 7-13 Description of Problem: i set the out put towards me and after words i come back and the out put is pointing down Error Messages: Error Log:
  8. on the site under the server stuff it says Recommended: 0.5.7 Latest: 0.5.8 yet there is no button you can click i am confused
  9. my mfe and bat boxes say they are full but if i dont have power going into them my electric engines dont work any ideas?
  10. im trying to send energy using Tesseracts how do i do it i cant seem to take energy from an mfe or bat box?
  11. i placed down and cant seem to pick it back up drills and pickaxes dont seem to work
  12. i cant seem to find a full Commands list for Multiplayer and singleplayer dose it even exist i cant find anything through google
  13. i was wondering dose the tekkit light worlds have the chance to spawn the pyramid's and Forest temple's like Vanilla?