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  1. dev, how long do you think it will take to research homeless online? -carmen

  2. Hi guys, I think I owe you some explanation on what is going on at the moment with the server. I had 2 days of extensive research of existing modpacks that we could possibly adapt to the game and run them via tekkit launcher. There is many pros and cons but there is no perfect solution. I have the vision of this game very clear in my head. One thing for sure, we can't go any further with tekkit classic. For many reasons. Then, today I got a chance to finally take a look at MFL and custom mod development. I kind of got use to crafting server-side only plugin, getting familiar with API over past 3 months. But all this effort was just entry level for me. Hard to say I wasted my time, I learn a lot. But bukkit is not the option either. So, I started working on client/server mod for this game. And instead capture/override/do mode aka tekkit/bukkit I can finally create whole structure from ground up. My goal is to create more realistic mods, no stuff out of nowhere, no more shortcuts and bad/imaginary science. I am looking for something more realistic and then add elements of fiction into it. I always loved those Sci-Fi movies, that you actually could believe it, that may happen. Something like, "we are not quite there yet, but..." more sci than fi. And yes, this is what I was looking for and expecting from tekkit when 4m ago came to this platform. How naive... In fact after 4 months of being here I completely changed my mind about this platform. I do understand that there is bunch of people loving it still for many things, but for me it's time to move on and never look back. I would like to provide SCI-FI MMORPG experience for players on top of minecraft platform. And looking for only those players who can appreciate solid foundations behind the story, science and all items in the world. Even if magical, not realistic, there must be some level of justification for it. Right now is like, Doctor Who entered StarWars world but the guys from StartTrek came along and said, those people with Void ring not wearing mithril and ring is fake and can be duped. Hope you know what I mean by this. Currently the whole thing feels fake. Being limited to the server plugin is like bending reality, applying patches and wasting time and resources. Only custom mod can introduce fully what I had in mind. So, I will come back soon with prototype of custom and running modpack for this server. Right now working on the BixBite Ores which will bring lots of realism to the mining, introduce additional 30 ores (no imaginary but known from real world actually). When smelting them you will get real values about how much and what you can get from it. And only random drop rate will determine if you can find a precious gemstone in it. About same amount of ingots and alloys and around 20 gemstones. And yeah, Red Beryl (old school name Bixbite) is the name of the mod as well as one of the gemstone on the list. All data, hardness, melting points, what they are made of, what can be made of them etc, are based on real science. Source wikipedia and Draft I am using for development can be found at This set of blocks will become the base of the entire economy, and foundation to build more mods on top of it. So, at the end, most of the mods currently available are just shortcuts and hacks. The very original purpose of mod, back in time when I was a teenager and enjoying some games, was to extend capabilities of the game. If that wasn't a case it was called a cheat and it was banned by game producers. These days people seems to have different views about this. But If I see Computer block made of 8 stones and 1 redstone something is clearly wrong, and I don't think it was original intention of the Notch himself. What made me love Minecraft was simplicity but also intuitive crafting based on such simple idea. Still, based on some logic we know from the real world. Well, so long tekkit. Homeless will reborn in new form for sure with BixBite mods.
  3. Well, some kids thinks they are clever and on top of the world, having fun using hacked clients/ cheats etc and blowing up servers. Not sure what drives those retards, but after yesterday accident (10 stacks of nukes deployed) I was wondering if there is an public black list available somewhere. If not I will at least publish those who every server admin should avoid. xxxsaw [/] scrxyer [/] bolsward1 [/] logs like this are cool to read just 1 per player, don't want to paste the entire log here but trust me it was long. 2013-05-21 00:09:26 [iNFO] Player xxxsaw placed a nuke at 1862/71/2188 2013-05-21 00:12:30 [iNFO] Player scrxyer placed a nuke at 1790/78/2109 2013-05-21 00:12:30 [iNFO] Player bolsward1 placed a nuke at 1730/69/2112 btw xxxsaw seems to be a winner in placing nukes if you retards had some competition and bolsward, I am sorry that I ignored you, I know how you feel being overlooked after all this effort. Well, map is currently restored. It takes usually less time that for those kids placing those nukes anyway. But instead of focusing on game features, I see it's time now to take care of the security part of plugin.
  4. Status update. We have 1st economy item implemented. Trade Terminal. - lets you sell ores and turn it into credits. For natives it is called Trade Portal and I am sure you will get why Credits can be used for many things in game. For instance, you can protect any block for 50 credits. Player by default have 500 of them on start. So it is enough to secure basic stuff like a chest, doors and surrounding blocks to make it super secure. But yes, ANY block in game can be secured. In theory you can build your own house and secure all its blocks. But that will cost you lots of credits. Now turning any ore into credit will make it possible. Rates are calculated based on algorithm that ran entire night, to measure how much of each resource is on Ghea planet. Chunk by chunk and block by block. As the part of custom crafting system, players can build structures such as shipyards, outposts, turrets, shields etc. Those also requires credits beside materials. Meantime we added some fun for Colonists, In order to go to the planet you can skydive. When on Ghea atmosphere, you can use /parachute command to safely land on the ground. I will continue with development towards the end of this week, and after that will focus on adding more info into our wiki page. Plugin getting more and more stuff, and it is becoming impossible for me to explain to every individual all this. Planing to add some YT videos as well. And yes, taking over Outposts is still disabled. It will only make sense when all 3 nations have established their leadership and there is enough players to have a territorial war fun. We planing to add reward system for certain things in game, and taking over enemy outpost will give you 10 diamonds. Just one idea for it. We ironing the plugin every day and getting closer to the public release of the server. Stay tuned!
  5. Hello guys, quick status update. To addition to above list of features we have one more. Big one! Right now testing flying custom vehicles! And please feel free to come over. I need to see how it performs with many passengers on board So far flying myself on the server, even with unoptimised code yet, works just brilliant. I am testing it on the Moon in case of crash landing. There is more work that needs to be done to make it available to players. But nearly there! Greetings!
  6. Hi Guys! Status update. Server is open again, so everyone can log in. You can use /visit command to look around the locations. However to join the actual gameplay you need to be whitelisted. There is only few things left to do but are crucial to keep the world in order. Locations for visitors I was trying to make it attractive for visitors, so they can look over entire (almost) structures. /visit Natives /visit Colonists /visit Rebels /visit Start, to go back to main spot planing to ad /visit tilo to see the moon, but that will be enabled when moon will be ready. This is the stuff I am working on, my TODO priority list. And hope will be ready within next day or 2. We have new chat feature as well. 100% completed Easy to use channels: use #g switch to global, talk to everyone use #w switch to world, you can talk to all people on the same world use #f switch to faction, talk to members of your faction only use #l switch to local, talk to all people in 64 blocks radius Subareas and claims 80% completed On many servers you can see area management when informs you about the location where you are at. We have something else. You can have smaller subareas within each area! For instance as a newbie you can't build inside your base, only high ranked people can. However, all nations have some flats/rooms/huts already, as small chunks that you can claim for yourself using /claim command. Outposts 90% completed This is still work in progress and one of the must-have feature to open the game for public. Everyone above Newbie rank will be able to set outpost. Give it a name and members of his nation will be able to use it. Outpost can also be taken by alien nations, so be aware There is a limit to this as well, you will not be able to create outpost when within 500 blocks there is one already. But that will give yo idea about your next target Custom crafting mechanism 50%completed Many of you already know this idea. But now when I have code fully configurable, got possibility to store those custom crafted items. How it works? Build little structure 3x3 blocks, use some tool (usually a wrench) and right click into the middle block. That will check configuration. If blueprint for it exist it will register it as Structure. This way you can craft shields, engines, thrusters and much more stuff to come. Also, there will be a discovery element into it. Mobs when killed will randomly drop a blueprint about configuration of some item. DO NOT ask me for recipes, ask mobs! Protection and guests list 50% completed I keep adding more items to the list of 'protectable' Currently you can secure wooden chests, door, trapdoor and stone pressure plate to cover other type of doors. There will be also a possibility to allow your friends to access those blocks. But this is another feature needs some work yet. More to come. But this is a basic set of features I have to do, before it will be fully open again. Stay tuned!
  7. OK, server is not going to be ready for public today. Still have tones to do. However it is back on-line as whitelisted for testing purposes. There are some things needs to be tested in more than 1 person ETA to back to public? 2nd of May.
  8. Sorry guys for a silence this weekend. But had a day off yesterday. Today decided to make a big update before next step. And that required to stop the server to avoid clashes. Changes to the code are significant since all hard coded stuff I'm making configurable now. This enable possibility to save user created/generated structures such as -set outpost -claim empty area/subarea -save structure vehicle, custom crafted physical item etc. -allow quests to your area To addition to this, I'm sorting out the latest issue, when somehow stuff from nether came along to default spawn There is a bukkit bug (another one) when you cannot use custom chunk generator on default world. This needs to be rearranged. Also, dreaming will no longer takes you to Nether, but instead to the mirrored Ghea planet. It is going to be massive update, will enable me to progress with many things, but still need a day or 2 to make it happen. Stay tuned, I'll keep you informed.
  9. Hi guys, I am so exited about this so decided to announce it As some of you already know, my work contract is committing to its end tomorrow. I never actually had enough time to focus on development of homeless server and plugin.And when I started my contract it was the time when I started this very project. But from 25th of April I am planing to dedicate at least 2 weeks + of my time to move things to the next level. You will get a chance to find me in game all the time working on new updates and functions. I will try to work on local environment as much as I can but expect more restarts of the server during a day. Cheers!
  10. Ender Ally, please calm down. You have those signs as other 3 suspected people that were logged in around the time that 3 nukes were deployed by one of the Native member flattened 3 properties of another Natives properties. You should be more angry on a members of your own Nation for what happened. Because if that wasn't you, you lucky your house survived. And I know you have been login, because I can see dates on the profiles. But I don't know who deployed a Nuke because the custom plugin im working on is not robust enough to provide those information. But yes I can see nicks and real names. And no, I didn't took anything from your house, even the uranium you had, nor banned you, as you can read my previous post carefully twice, EVERYONE was reset due to profile changes. From now on, we have protected chests and it will be safer for players to store their stuff in there because I already know user profiles will change in the future base on list of stuff I still need to implement. However today morning something terrible happened. I lost my HD with partition that contained all the source code for Homeless plugin. (plus 2 years of all my work I've done) due to HD failure. Will try some data recovery software... but for now bad luck don't want me to progress with server development any further .
  11. Hi guys. Just to let you know, that server is back online after almost 2 days of black out. There was big code refactoring and adding new stuff related to long awaiting features - Personal protection for beds, chests, homes It supports our custom multiworld and faction situation as well. Well, protecting homes is still work in progress but your stuff in chest and beds are already protected. here is a lot of improvements under the hood but there is also a sad news. I hate doing it, but had to wipe out all user data again due to incompatibility. There is no other way. Trying to reuse old data results in white screen. All I know for the future additions this will happen several times for sure before plugin will be completed. . Only after we will change status from Beta to Release I can guarantee that this will never happen again. Another 2 features are on the way and some code is already done for it: - Base shields for each nation to stay protected against enemies. - Custom crafting and blueprints system for virtual items and structures. As 1 experimental item is Natives shield. When placing 5 blocks of special type and configuration... using wrench can activate the invisible protection against Humans. Base on that principal there is a lot to come for each nation including construction of vehicles. There are also new commands such /protect - right click on bed or wooden chest (for now only those but more on the way) /home - will teleport you to home location set by your bed. /status - so you can see what is happening to you /wakeup - if dreaming is too boring and you don't want to wait till full regeneration. Many other improvements but mostly performance and code cleaning so... What next? I think this is a stage when I need to start turning items off and on base on nation to finally instead telling you, plugin will work this out, who can use what. This is a top priority stuff for me now. See you in game, enjoy!
  12. OK guys, Server is open again but with some additional restrictions. - Only OP can unlock player when online using /unlock command. For now it's only me [devu] and [gianthero]. If none of us is online and you like to play a game, you are not just a casual visitor, please post application here that contains: IGN: devu_design Age: 34 Skype: I don't like spam but if you wish... on demand. Why would you like to join?: Love sci-fi and programming. Which nation would you like to join and why?: None, I am looking after the server. - To be able to build in your own base you need a higher rank Elder for Natives and Rebels and Novice Construction Engineer for Colonists. (yes, this is penalty to all for not having respect to freedom I gave you before) Current improvements/additions - Bed time is already fully working. No danger of getting stuck in dream. Your bed is acting as well known /sethome command too. I will add /home command soon. Spawning above the bed issue has been fixed. - /spawn command has been added, and depends on who you are will teleport you to default location. - /setnick is allowed to everyone but only once during a game. So, think twice on your in game nick - Because the list of commands is growing, pagination of /help was added as well. What next? Well, I've decided to continue the journey with tekkit. There is many things to work out and I will treat this platform as a testing one and prolog to the real game in the future. What I mean by 'real game' is something that may not be even MC anymore but custom build game. But that is a distant future. So for now focusing on improving this server and plugin to make this place more fun and enjoyable for everyone. Next on todo list is - Base shields for each nation to stay protected against enemies. - Personal protection for beds, chests, homes - Vote and reputation system - Economy and monetary system. - Professions jobs and titles - Improving Skill system - Custom crafting and blueprints system for virtual items and structures. - Custom vehicles (code name flying chunks ) Stay tuned!
  13. I am sorry to announce but our server is temporarily whitelisted for safety. I would like to thank you all once again, for helping me testing stuff out. I am new to bukkit/tekkit myself, learning API and there is still many things to do to make this server robust. However I can not longer count on unpredictable players behavior in game. Or spending time to maintain them. It wasn't a subject of testing but learned me something else too. There was a damage being made to the map of the game not by newbies, that game is already protected against, but members of the communities. That only shows me how important is to put more systems in place. I wanted to make this place community driven at first place and let people organize themselves, but players proved to me I was naive. There is several crucial things to do to the plugin, bug fixing missing functionality etc. but more importantly I have to do some research in development and investigate different option than tekkit classic as well. For the game I am up to it was natural choice, having all that tekky stuff in place. But in reality it is overpowered stuff that people are getting bored after week of game play, because there is nothing to do anymore. Making stuff out of nowhere is just a shortcut, most of items and the way are working, is just programmer imagination nothing to do to the science or even science-fiction at all. Although, writing a plugin for this, is not a programming at all but working around outdated API that is time consuming laggy and slow as well. Server and game scenario will happen for sure. The goal hasn't changed. Will be open as soon as the safety and stability will be guaranteed. But I cannot guarantee the form of it or what is going to be in terms of back-end. I am having hard time to decide about tekkit. Hope that further research will help me to solve that soon. Stay tuned.
  14. I need to highlight it. To all of those people saying server is a poo, sucks etc... you need to check the meaning of the word Beta. I recommend Wikipedia .It is written in bold on this very post. We are adding new features on daily basis. But is far from complete. The only reason I decided to open it, is to gather more debugging information. So far is working out very well. Thank you all for helping me out testing and for all your feedback. People that doing so will be remembered and they will benefit from it when server will be released.