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  1. I find that if my gf joins my tekkit server before i do she spawns okay and then when I join she is fine but... If i join 1st or i am on the server she will spawn under the ground... I can still see her hitting when ever she hits but she is under ground and if i teleport her to me she stops moving completely How to fix?
  2. Okay the problem seems to be solved, The issue is when she spawned in the Spawn protection 16* radius, i can't see her move in the spawn protected area, Didn't try to move her out of it to see if it works once she leaves But i set it to 0 and now it's working ============ But i am on the latest Tekkit server and the actual server is a little laggy... The cmd.exe is running fine and smooth but the actual server that is open just typing in the console has a delay and lags really bad... I've not had an issue when i had a server months ago but now it's running really bad Does the Tekkit.jar not work well with 64bit java? +============= My server is saying "Can't keep up!" But there is 0 people on the server and its a fresh world and fresh server *Fixed* Changed the bat to nogui and it fixed the lag issue so... GUI was making everything lag
  3. Sorry for taking a while to reply but the website went down for maintenance and they removed the login with facebook, so had to recover and etc etc Anyway my gf can play single player fine, She went into a single player game and it works 100% fine for her and it works 100% fine for me, When on server i don't seem to have lag it's just her, i can hit things, build things and etc etc, if i use my hamatchi IP to connect to my server i get the same lag as her So why is it vanilla works but Tekkit lags badly? I assume it must be internet since my server doesn't lag on my internal ip?
  4. Sorry if you misunderstood, My computer has 12gb ram in it and i'm giving the server 4gb, don't see why it would need more than that? especially on a fresh world it really feels like it's an internet issue, there is like a 10 second delay, she tells me when she jumps and then I don't see it for ages, That being said My port forwarding on my router doesn't work so i've been using hamachi to do it, Normally on other games i don't have an issue, could there be a cause there? Like i said we played vanilla without a single problem so why would it jump up internet usage by that much
  5. Hi I tried playing this with my gf and she just goes soo badly out of sync its unbelievable... We both played MC for like 30min and 0 issues and then we switched to tekkit and as soon as she spawned she was going behind madly, taking like 10 seconds for me to see her, Is there a way to reduce the bandwidth usage of tekkit or is something else causing this? We play starbound, Vanilla MC and tons of other games online and it works fine but Tekkit just doesn't work... It was a completely new world so no machine or anything going on ============= I duno where to place this, it's not an actual bug that i know of but if anyone can help it would be nice I'm running it on 64bit java with 4gb ram, have a 8core amd FX 3.1Ghz cpu and amd rad 7800 2gb
  6. me and my gf are playing hexxit but for some reason when ever she joins the server she is put 5-10 blocks under her position completely putting her out of sync, i can see her hitting fine ontop of land where she should be and once she gets out her person starts moving but it's out of sync and it's causing her to lag out due to that issue Why is she spawning underground? Also the server randomly crashes when we move between areas like when a spacific dungeon is spawned so my question is, how do i preload a 10k x 10k world
  7. Okay so this issue is making the game unplayable, i'm playing lan with just me and my brother and the problem is on some chunks say... we played in the same area for a few hours and 0 problems We adventured left and after we got past a point the server would stop working when ever my brother was there... so i restart server and i'm crafting in my house, he joins and server stops responding so i had to tp him to me Then i went into the void thing and fell off which took me to that dark land thing, i escaped and it tp me to a place on land and after i went there, server stoped responding Thing is, i get 0 errors but the server stops responding for a while so i can't exit, save or anything but after a while i can save it and close it but why are some chunks breaking my server?
  8. Yeh i think i may of accidentally opened the wrong one So it's irreversible? I hate how the default minecraft is in my server file... i'l be making sure i don't do this again
  9. Okay this is one hell of a big issue.... i shut my server down normally yesterday and then i woke up and started it today and now... Every single item that is to do with tekkit is not loading, floating torches, trees are nothing but a dodgy shadow on the block they used to stand on... all pipes are gone and u can walk freely but you can tell what items are missing like machine blocks and crafting blocks are mostly just a black see through shadow kind of block i don't get why it's not working? I spawned and i died for some reason? i think i was afk in the spaceship and logged out and when i logged on it just instantly killed me -- I'm assuming something must of changed so does anyone know how to fix it? =========================== I think maybe i might of ran the normal minecraft server instead of tekkit one? Just if i did do that and now it's decided to eat my world... What do i do? ======================== I went further out and all my tubers are still there untill they get close to the chunks near me... so the 10x10 chunks near me have all rubber trees and anything to do with tekkit removed... and now just a shadow... ifi right click a shadow block it goes away >->
  10. Yeh exactly what Cake said ps5cfw Found the bug which means anyone who wants to grief could find it, so it's better for the server owners to know now so they can correct it than have griefers doing this and people not knowing how they did it