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  1. Well, sadly I have to disagree on part of it. I am still maintaining the statements I made in my previous posts, but I have to add new statements here: 1) The server lags, sometimes a little, most of the time A LOT, and with not so many players (the best I have seen so far is 8 players at best) 2) There are players who clearly abuse their power, gaining creative mode from the owner itself, and saying statements like this: There clearly isn't equality amongst players, and mods like that, proposing to make my own town lag, aren't the best either. 3) The lack of players is really frustrating, considering the fact that THE ONLY PLAYERS who play in this server are only veterans, ex-staffers and staffers. Seeing a new player here is more than a simple miracle. 4) (and the most frustrating one) the complete lack of considerations of suggestions by staffer. I already made a lot of suggestions, the owner itself said "you have great ideas", but still no one said anything like "we'll take it into consideration" or "we'll make a poll about it" or anything else. IT IS TRUE they are somehow managing a lot of servers at once, but the owners themselves asked more than once to make suggestions on forums, and when one does, they don't even care about it? I'm still playing on this server, but as soon as August comes, considering they are putting a "if you don't vote you don't enter" thing, I think I will leave, because there are too many issues as of now for this server to deserve a vote. EDIT: Didn't even manage to get to august, I preferred to leave than play in this fucking server. The staff doesn't do anything even when they have proof about players disobeying rules. They don't do ANYTHING AT ALL. I strongly suggest not to play on this server.
  2. I'm here to comment about this server, to convince someone to play on this really good server. This server is ABANDONED, but not by the staff, but by the USER. The map is praticly new and us players don't mess up the world, I have played on this server for 5 days by now, I'm not a mod or a staffer or anything else, but whenever I logged in I found funny and friendly staff, friendly players who would help you without asking anything in change and a nether world that is not TOO MESSY. I simply fell in love with this server, so you, reader, why don't you give this server a try? It will be for the greater good!
  3. Age: 17 IGN (In Game Name): ps5cfw Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: Because I like towny servers! What Do you want to Build?: The most B-B-BEAUTIFUL TOWN in the server!
  4. Nickname: ps5cfw Age: 17 What are you going to build?: For start, I'll build an eremitic house upon an island, after that I could make a town after all, but no moon, absolutely no moon.
  5. Username:ps5cfw Age:16 Why Tekkitopia?:Well, I'm not a big fan of minecraft anymore, I don't like the other servers for many reasons, but I have the feeling this server will replenish my fanboyism for minecraft/tekkit/FTB and whatsoever. Your secret code:6ps5
  6. IGN:ps5cfw Age:16 Location:Italy Are you more the 'build and create' or 'hunt and explore' type of player? More build and create.
  7. I went trough so many servers, but this is totally the WORST of all the servers. - The Admin doesn't listen to player (when he doesn't want to listen to, because he is so Newbie that he doesn't even know the bugs of tekkit) - "Vanilla Experience" (way to go, If I wanted a vanilla experience I would go to the regular minecraft. - The worst protection system ever (I don't even talk about this, it prevents everything except, in fact, everything, you can be killed by mobs, people can spread fire, explode your house, KILL YOU) I don't have anything else to say.
  8. This server is truly the best of all the technic servers! Good admin, good players and tons and tons of towns to join! I approve it!
  9. This is a warning to every server that is using GriefPrevention, protections can be trespassed by a mining turtle so a mining turtle can destroy the house and the chests too, so protect yourself as fast as you can.
  10. you are ridicolous, you insulted me, five times, together with your friends, I warned you multiple times, and I banned you after all those times, next time don't insult, and don't call me Dipshit, so you won't deserve a ban.
  11. This server is freaking awesome! Cmon y'all come here and enjoy it! --MOD APPLY-- Name: ps5cfw playing minecraft since: Minecraft 0.22 playing tekkit since: Tekkit 2.x Age: 16 Curriculum: Was 40 times Admin, 10 times Founder, 15 times Mod and 2 times Builder (Not Joking), well known knowledge of any server command and/or plugin, always logged in the server, what else should I say?
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