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  1. Updated to Mustache Pack: Legends - A tekkit legends fork version You WILL NOT be able to log on to our server without our modified tekkit legends modpack See our instructional post for details on obtaining our modpack http://mustachebrigade.enjin.com/forum/m/8658850/viewthread/25136498-how-to-join-our-mustache-pack-legends-server/page/1
  2. ~TMB Gaming~ IMPORTANT NOTE: We've decided to fork off of Tekkit Legends to make slight improvements on the modpack. You will not be able to connect to our server using the official Tekkit Legends modpack. Please see our instructional post for details on how to get our modpack. http://mustachebrigade.enjin.com/forum/m/8658850/viewthread/25136498-how-to-join-our-mustache-pack-legends-server/page/1 A one of a kind Tekkit server. You wont find consumer grade equipment in our server room; this server is being hosted on our very own enterprise level rack mounted machine, supported by 8 core Xeon processors, 64 GB ram, dual redundant fail safe NICs, and 4 10k-rpm 1TB HDDs in hardware raid 10 configuration. Play without worry! Your builds are stored on redundant raided drives, backed up daily, block logged and protected by a custom built forge hook responsible for routing block changes from mods which would normally bypass permissions. Tekkit as it was meant to be played! PVE with nearly server wide PVP (wilderness and per town configurable pvp by mayors). Since we can provide a permissions safe server, most mods which would normally be banned on other servers, you'll find available here. The very few banned items are those which are literally broken (crash, glitch, exploit). Keep it simple! Our meticulously designed backend provides you with a simple way to claim land, earn in game money and enjoy Tekkit as it was meant to be played without sacrificing function. Keep it fair! Our goal is to make the game fair for all players. We strive to provide balanced gameplay where we can without compromising the Tekkit experience. This includes shop perks; you'll generally find that while the perks can be convenient, they will generally be designed to minimize their impact on other players. Even our admins play legit while not performing staff functions Virgin land always available! Our server uses a custom solution built around towny to regenerate wilderness regions and fallen towns with fresh virgin land. You can never be too late to this party, there will always be new land for you to build on. Donations NOT required! We started as playing & creating Minecraft mod packs and servers as a group of friends who wanted to meet like-minded interesting and unique players. We are not a profit based company pushing out one pay to play server after another; Any perk in our online store can be obtained without ever contributing your hard earned money. While we do accept donations for the purpose of paying the electric and internet bills accumulated by our hobby, it is not required and we are strongly against pay to play style Minecraft servers. How do I earn said perks without paying? Vote for us! It's good for you, its good for our community, its good for the players who notice because of your votes! ========== Featured Plugins: Towny - Be the mayor of your own town. Easily claim land, invite friends, ally with friendly towns and build an empire. https://code.google.com/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wiki/Commands Jobs - Need money? Get a job! Our job system allows you to choose among several jobs such as Lumberjack, Miner, Hunter and more. Get paid periodically by performing actions unique to each job. http://mustachebrigade.zapto.org/wiki/index.php/Jobs QuickShop - Easily make eye catching trade booths. Sell anything your product and become rich! http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/quickshop-notlikeme/ Votifier - Earn points and redeem them for in game perks! ========== Disclaimer: This is a constantly evolving server. Our staff is dedicated to providing a fun and fair environment. Occasionally things just do not work as intended and we will give our best effort to deal with them as they come up. Join our friendly community today, Play like sirs. Server info: Connect to: mustachebrigade.zapto.org Register on our website to unlock member features such as an extra job slot and homes. http://mustachebrigade.enjin.com/ We would appreciate if you read the our gameplay rules before joining http://mustachebrigade.zapto.org/wiki/index.php/Rules If you're having trouble connecting, check below... Find our server info here, right side of home page: http://mustachebrigade.enjin.com
  3. "Minecraft like a Sir" ~ Open 24/7 ~ 45 slots ~ InGame Voice Chat ~Towny ~ Shops ~ Much more! www.mustachebrigade.enjin.com | Server: mustachebrigade.zapto.org The Mustache Brigade would like to invite you to play on our server. When you visit the server you will enter into the main world where we setup our towns and creations. You can either join someone's town or start your own; very easy to do and we will help you all the way. We promote mature and fair gameplay and to ensure that your gaming experience is of top quality we have a tight team of Moderators and Administrators who always do their best to create the best gaming environment. Administrating and running the server is an experienced server administrator and software developer. You'll notice active bugfixes when they pop up which gives us very stable & smooth gameplay. One of our latest features is our in-game voice chat. No longer do you need to connect to an outside voice chat server or hassle to keep all your buddies in the same skype call. Simply set your microphone up (press F6 in game) and start talking (press V for push to talk or set your own key). The system has been integrated with towny so depending on the towny chat channel you are in, town or nation, your voice chat will be just as private as your text chat. We accept all players and we trust you right from the start meaning that there's no need to write some tedious application - just join us and help us build one of the best Minecraft servers ever. We have been an active server since October 2012 when the server first saw daylight; since then our progress has been amazing and we have met many great people along the way. We started with a Tekkit 1.2.5 server, migrated into 1.4.7 Tekkit Lite and now here we are with our own custom modpack in 1.6.4. We intend to keep providing an awesome gaming experience for a very, very long time. It is incredibly easy to start playing with us, we've chosen to skip all the fuss about applications unlike other servers to let you be able to play with us faster than ever! We provide a detailed guide on how to join us and install our custom modpack here. The server address is: mustachebrigade.zapto.org. If you already have the new launcher, simply add our Platform URL: http://technicpack.net/modpack/details/mustache-pack-space-race.236749 Pssst! If your skin has a mustache you are elegible to receive a $1000 reward upon joining, contact a M++ or an Admin. Our modpack is completely custom and put together with a lot of thought and care to provide a balanced and fun experience. Here are just some of our mods and plugins... • QuickShops • Jobs vPandy - Heavily modified version of Jobs • Fe Economy • Towny • Pandy's VoiceChat Towny Integration • Project Red • ComputerCraft • Buildcraft • Thermal Expansion • Useful Foods • Core Protect - Just incase • and more Disabled items and or mods: • All explosives. We like to keep our server as clean as possible • Website. • Server rules and further info. • Detailed tutorial on how to join. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. We've added Applied Energistics and a custom modified server side edition of the mod designed for high usage.
  5. Two very large towns are currently recruiting! Serenity and Newmoor. Check them out on our Live map or log in and ask one of the members of those towns for a tour. No applications, no hassle, just speak with a town mayor or assistant to be invited. You may also make your own town and customize it as you please just as easily. Again no applications, no hassle, just mine in game, which awards you game cash through our custom PandyRewards system, until you can afford to purchase land of your own.
  6. We're now using our own mod pack, based on tekkit lite: See: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-4-7-the-mustache-brigade-pve-pvp-45-slots-towny-iconomy-the-mustache-pack.40710/
  7. Important! We found what may be causing issues with new players trying to join or anyone who recently updated to tekkitlite 0.5.9 When you visit our website click How to join from the top menu and read under the red Attention heading for instructions on how to fix the id conflict.
  8. it's a debug thing the designer forgot to turn off
  9. WebSite: http://mustachebrigade.enjin.com/home We are now using our own custom mod pack, see here for more http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/1-4-7-the-mustache-brigade-pve-pvp-45-slots-towny-iconomy-the-mustache-pack.40710/
  10. Update: I've made more progress. I ended up building a plugin just to return the player name of the fake player used by certain mods. So far I've determined that redpower uses [FakePlayer] and buildcraft quarries do not proc bukkit events
  11. thanks for the reply, but i do not want to op the mods; that will allow for them to bypass permissions such as towny and worldguard. In tekkit lite, they already bypass bukkit protections when using tekkit lite with cb++
  12. Update: Partially solved my problem so far: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/892282-147-146-computercraft-1481-touchscreen-monitors/page__st__6620#entry17134914 by installing ccplugin.jar as a plugin
  13. I've been tinkering with swapping my server to tekkit lite but I'm having trouble finding either the configuration setting for fake player for turtles/buildcraft/redpower or an equivalent solution. I want to be able to assign permissions to machines while running tekkit lite, like you can with tekkit classic now.
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