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  1. Oops, I was under the influence that it wouldn't really matter for that. The reason is wrote 'Current Optifine' was so that everyone understood that the Optifine to be installed was in fact the current Optifine. The Optifine version I used was the Ultra version... OptiFine 1.4.6_HD_U_D5 to be exact. I installed it exactly like this beforehand, and it started just fine. If you really want some proof, I can make it, but otherwise I'm sure you can trust me .
  2. I use an iMac 10.7.5. It is a 2011 model with a 21.5" screen, 6gb of DDR3 RAM. I wrote this tutorial, based on what I did to install Optifine. It works well for me.
  3. No problem! Enjoy playing with connected textures, increased framerate, and HD packs!
  4. Ah, thanks for the suggestion, I shall change that. Make sure every file is exactly the right name. It is all case sensitive. Also, keep in mind that if you end a file in '.jar', the icon for it will change. If it doesn't, you have done something wrong. Make sure you don't put any quotation marks around the filenames, that was just to show the name of the file. A small request on my part - when it white screens, wait for some text to pop up. If you could copy all that text and message it to me, I may be able to troubleshoot this problem. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for all the suggestions. I started playing and killed a poisonous blinding pirate ship protector (?) and I got a meteorite chestplate. I made an iron broadsword quickly and raided one of the huge pirate ships. Several dead pirates and rigged cannons later, I blew up the entire ship and took all the loot. I raided yet another ship, before electric staff-ing my way across the landscape and finding a battle tower, which I flew up with my electric staff. Took all the loot, and now I pretty much have all the end game items. It was pretty easy, but thanks for the advice. In the end I had full
  6. Hi, I just got Hexxit today, and to be honest, I have absolutely no idea what to do. There are no guides or starting out tutorials or anything that I can find. What should I do first? What else? And else? I really have no idea.
  7. By 'it' disappearing, I assume you mean the FML loading screen. That is normal. Once it disappears, there is a small delay before the Mojang symbol appears. Just be patient.
  8. I've noticed some traffic of people wondering how to install OptiFine into Hexxit on a Mac, and tutorials only cover this on the Windows operating system. The below tutorial will explain (in the best of my ability) how to install OptiFine into Hexxit. Requirements: 1. The correct OptiFine version matching that of the current Hexxit version. 2. The current Hexxit version. Instructions: 1. First, open a Finder window and go to the top of the screen. Find 'Go' at the top of the screen, and click on it. Click on the option that is second from the bottom. Paste this in (witho
  9. MC Account Name: MrTwinkeh. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft for over 2 years now. How long have you been playing Voltz/Universal Electricity? I have been playing ever since it came out. I was on my Technic Launcher, and I noticed a new pack. I play every day, so that is how I knew I played since it came out. What would you say your skill/knowledge level is in Voltz? (beginner, fair, adept, etc) Not to boast, but I am fairly advanced. Voltz was right up my alley, and I enjoy science and intercontinental missiles... >. I have a thorough knowledge of ICB
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