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  1. Thank you for refreshing Voltz. I noticed it was dying down, and I hate to see such a great mod that I spent many a hours playing go to waste. If you want the domain www.minecraftvoltz.com, I will give it away and\or create a website (I am in college for computer networking, and have basic experience with web design), for no charge. I love Voltz :)
  2. Server is growing in popularity, join people! @Applications Apply at the website, and you can get trial mod. The 4 people that applied already, anyway.
  3. Server IP: play.minecraftoverload.com www.mcoverload.enjin.com Hello! I would like to introduce the new server on the block, Silver Server! With ton's of features, plugins, great admins\mods.We are continually growing, we have a 70 slot server hosted on Beastnode. This means NO LAG. Formerly Mine Craft Overload (MCOverload) Our biggest feature, is our policy on map changes. We actually test updates Voltz releases before updating our server, so we might not update to new versions. We will work our hardest to keep the maps the same between updates. If this means we have to manua
  4. Hello all! Since nobody seems to know much about Voltz, today I am going to make a tutorial on how to add Factions to your Voltz server, without it crashing\not working. First off, you need Factions 1.8.0 This is the version that works with Voltz. Then, after you download that and extract it to your Voltz server running BukkitCraft, configure the permissions so that your users can create\join Factions, and claim land. Thats it! It works on my server. I searched all over and there wasn't a single thread on how to do this, and when I posted a thread asking how, no responses. So, here you a
  5. Damn. Nevermind, still have problem. So I have a server at my house, dedicated running ubuntu server CLI, I have a voltz server up and running. My only problem is I can't get my plugins to load (Essentails, ChopTree2, Buycraft, Transporter, some others) to load. Not sure why. I have them in the plugins folder, all that cool jazz. If somebody would be able to help me I can provide SSH information for you. My directory list: /Server - banned-ips.txt - banned-players.txt - bukkit.yml - craftbukkit.jar - Essentials.zip(just for the moment, as a backup to the ones in plugins folder
  6. I was going to say... T1 isn't good, lmao.
  7. Hello all! For my networking class I decided to start up a minecraft server to become more familiar with linux based operating systems. So, I was wondering, are my specs good enough to host a ~30 person server, Voltz, with no lag? This PC is only running the minecraft server on it, no GUI, nothing. I can upgrade the RAM very easily, up to 16GB Just wondering, since I know when you host online they have VMware running hundreds of servers on same server. This will be one PC, one server. AMD P2 X4 965 Black Edition 2GB DDR3 6400RPM HDD 20MBPS Dload 5MBPS Upload
  8. This server is great. I played it today, it is a awesome setup, awesome administrator that answers all your questions\help. The moderators are friendly as well.
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