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  1. Why not just load the tekkit classic map on the big dig. If a block isnt available, it turns to sand. So we clean up some sand in out city?
  2. I had the same issue. I found that reinstalling java shouldnt do anything to fix this, but reinstalling the pack might. But if the problem is affecting both servers, then I dont know why that solved it.
  3. Server wont let me connect. Got a socket error on on your side saying im denied login Im a jackass
  4. USSR! I will gladly accept you offer of comradery? I have seen your flag wave high below the clouds and will be proud to call the motherland my home! So we like....blow up nazis or something?
  5. Drunk tekkit or voltz anyone? Im stuck here alone with my desktop and nothing else to do but watch crappy tv.
  6. This is my formal petition, to the nations of the Voltz region, to nationalize and assimilate into your countries culture. I offer as a skill set, the following... *Covert Operations Specialist: Ability to sneek into the enemy base undetected and retrieve intelligence. *Bioweapons Expert: Micellium is a specialty of mine. *A dashing smile and suave persona while on the job, but yet a fun loving and cheerful individual in the off hours. *Expert ability to build assembly line weapons plants and deployment platforms. I eagerly await your consideration.
  7. Ok, this is total noob....but what version is the Voltz server? I can never login that thing and it breaks my heart Edit: Wait....*looks up at screen shots* gimme a moment WOOT! Thank you sir!
  8. Ok, I would like to announce my proposal for the..................wait for it......................................... Resiliance Freebuild - Annual Wargames! Now before we go crazy, this isnt a "war" wargame. Its Capture The Flag. Once we get people signed up, we will split you up into teams or let you run along with your own crazy self. A few days prep time will be given before and between rounds so you can build fortifications and plan your own attacks. Ofcourse, if someone is not involved in the games, you cannot go crazy and kill them and claim their stuff as a flag. Nuff said on that. Also, I will post a list of items that are not allowed during play like armors that make you god, ect. Interested parties post here to RSVP.
  9. Care to give me a hand on SimCity sometime? Its so lonely in the region...
  10. How does one acquire shares in TubCorp? What are the terms? I represent an investor who would like to purchase a sizable size of your IPO.
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