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  1. All RAM issues seem to have been sorted now as well as lag being eradicated by some plugins we added a while back! We may expand our operations soon but I'll explain more in a future post! Feel free to come and see some new projects as well, as we have added a Drop Party room for special events. I will be upgrading the shop as well soon, and possibly adding an adventure element to the server too.
  2. Ok the Arena is being upgraded currently from it's old winter theme to a theme more suited to the current season :)
  3. We have changed a few plugins now on the server so feel free to come on and check them all out :)
  4. Ah and the player owned town will be going up soon as well so new players can apply to live there for a limited time too It's really close to the main city and just off the port where you spawn so it's close to all shops, the wilderness and portal rooms :)
  5. Hey everyone Alex here! Just saying that the server now has an updated Banned Items List along with a new Player Town that new players can use :)