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  1. Maybe one day, it's still an open possibility, if we do we have custom coded alot of work in Java, Php, HTML and so on to make some awesome stuff that you only see on massive servers websites.
  2. well alot is going on atm, the map is corrupt because of buildcraft and lwc, and we may be changing back to bukkit.
  3. Remember to use Donation offer "Easter" for 30% off of any package on our online store.
  4. Well firstly we are looking for moderators, but we would need to know your age, and yeah you could just drop our ip in the description if you want to contact me on skype my name is "stat1kstudios-jordan" (very old name)
  5. New Donation OFFERS!!!! Code:"Easter" 30% off entire basket (ends 15/04/13) Code:"EasterSunday" 50% off "standard packages" (ends 01/04/13) Use at checkout on "scorpiongaming.buycraft.net"
  6. Special 50% off, on all "other" packages, just use code "GoodFriday" at checkout for the large discount!!!! scorpiongaming.buycraft.net
  7. Wow... something tells me corpeater used to be better at watching the technic thread...
  8. ummm, i think you may get banned for bumps like that... anyway i think you need some skin cream.. because your a bit bumpy (symbol sound)
  9. yeah its not a reset on purpose, its a relaunch of the server, plus we will now be hiring atleast 10 new members of staff, all will have to be 16 or over.
  10. its up, no reset, i have not been on much the last few days to fix the couple issues
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