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  1. Maybe one day, it's still an open possibility, if we do we have custom coded alot of work in Java, Php, HTML and so on to make some awesome stuff that you only see on massive servers websites.
  2. well alot is going on atm, the map is corrupt because of buildcraft and lwc, and we may be changing back to bukkit.
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  4. Well firstly we are looking for moderators, but we would need to know your age, and yeah you could just drop our ip in the description if you want to contact me on skype my name is "stat1kstudios-jordan" (very old name)
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  7. Wow... something tells me corpeater used to be better at watching the technic thread...
  8. ummm, i think you may get banned for bumps like that... anyway i think you need some skin cream.. because your a bit bumpy (symbol sound)
  9. yeah its not a reset on purpose, its a relaunch of the server, plus we will now be hiring atleast 10 new members of staff, all will have to be 16 or over.
  10. its up, no reset, i have not been on much the last few days to fix the couple issues
  11. So sorry for all the downtime, i have been working and had so much to do, so the other owners have had to just restart it when they knew it was down... but its fixed now at the price again of a map reset, we are so sorry and hope it has fixed it, to stop lag or badly setup machines we have removed buildcraft pipes, because they leak when full (badly configured machines) and thats very often, and with so many players and such a large map we have no chance of locating about 50 sources of lag, despite we are on a powerful dedicated server, tekkit still has a limit before it starts to get upset, clag has been removed so no more vanishing items, we would love to see you back on and chuck an suggestions you have our way and i will try my upmost best to do it if its reasonable. Thank you very much for your dedication to our server, we don't want to remove ee like most servers do, so we will stay away from that path, but please check your machines or turn them off when you log off. Remember to check out the and our website (sorry about the ad pop-up) i will be moving hosts because this is temporary as we lost our last website host due to hosting TTT maps for the new TTT server.
  12. Sorry for the constant posts but i would like to inform you all that the server is doing amazing,a nd the uptime is 24/7 and no lag, or no signs of lag.
  13. Well the server is running the best it ever has before, so come and join today!!! plus a drop party tonight to make up for lost items
  14. its up, i will remove clag now, thanks for the feedback, downtime should be sorted and if the server crashes when no owners are on it should restart itself, plus automatic restarts to clear ram usage :)
  15. Its all up mate, also peoples inventory's upon death are now kept and the server is nice and stable, a few changes will still be happening soon but all good changes, have fun
  16. It will be, at worst we are thinking of having to do a map reset, but if we do that we will give out alchemy bags and let you put all the items you can in them
  17. sorry, clag is tempory so if the lag, we are getting on average 500 entities a minute, we have already fixed 2 blaze rod machines, but we dont have the abilty to make it to the hundreds of houses on the server, if anything soon we will have to reset the map, lag machines and over flowing machines and causing to much issues. we want to get it running smooth as much as you do, but so far the only way to keep it online is to have clag running every 30 seconds and we dont want that :(