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  1. Username: xBRAZENx Age: 32 Why Tekkitopia? been playing single player for a while and would like to show my stuff off somewhere that is not too restricted but people aren't just blowing each other's stuff up. Your secret code: 8xBR
  2. So as an update... I never got around to messing with nicknames. Once I got it up and running, it has just been too much fun playing to mess with mods The kids got used to using their "legit" usernames no problem. The tekkit launcher is fickle with saving their username. One of the kids I don't think their user has ever disappeared, but the other kid it seems like half the time when the launcher opens, his saved login is gone. So I had to dumb down the passwords which makes me a little uneasy. Their usernames are pretty close to just their first names, but they do comment on my name all the time but I guess it doesn't matter. In all, the transition was pretty non-eventful and they are really into building the machines, although they are too impatient to save up resources for the more complicated ones. The older one is one diamond away from building a quarry, though, but he keeps going back to playing singleplayer in creative mode :/
  3. I found a bukkit mod named "nickname" that has the nick command, but it is a little outdated. I'm going to give it a try anyway. Is nick also a part of Essentials? I don't really think I need the full Essentials plugin so I'm going to try this nickname plugin first.
  4. I am a father and I've been playing on a personal vanilla minecraft server with my 2 young boys (5 and 6 years old). I have 3 licenses but I could not find usernames close to what I wanted, so I've been doing is setting the server offline and I login to the client as "Daddy" and my kids just enter their first names and then choose the play offline button. We recently discovered Tekkit and my kids love it so I set up a server for us all to play together. However, when making up a username, the Technic Launcher does not give the option to play offline. Dealing with new usernames and passwords isn't too big of a deal since the launcher will save it, but I don't see why Technic Launcher can't work like the vanilla launcher and just let us use whatever username we feel like when playing on a personal offline server. So I doubt there is any way to force this to allow offline mode on the client for arbitrary usernames, but this brings me to what I'm hoping I can do at a minimum... Is it possible to change the username as it shows up above the player in game and in chat/messages? Like a mapping of login name to displayed name that is just for this server? I've seen adding prefixes and suffixes but not completely changing the name. Thanks for any help!
  5. Can forgepermissions replace a bukkit permissions plugin to work with permissions nodes from bukkitforge added plugins? For example if I add forgebukkit, and then add the WorldEdit plugin, can I use forgepermissions to add the "worldedit.selection.chunk" permission node to groups/users?
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