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  1. oh one more thing i thought i should bring to your attention is i noticed in the TP zip folder the gui png file for the cropnalyzer is spelled differently than it is in the game. the game spells it cropnalyzer but in the TP its spelled cropanalyzer. im sure that this would cause a problem with running the texture pack for others so i thought i would run it by you just in case it not just my copy of the zip file. (GUICropanalyzer.png) should be (GUICropnalyzer.png).
  2. Love the texture pack even more the mod support however im having a small problem with the entity textures. spiders, skeletons and maybe a few more dont load with the new textures they continue to use vanilla textures and my zombie only displays his head and the rest of his body is not visible but even the head is distorted. any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated. by the way im running a tekkit server bukkit based and only running the included mods. thanks for the awesome textures
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