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  1. It's been a while since there has been action here... I just prepared a texture pack for Tekkit Lite: http://files.soartex.net/main/Soartex_Tekkit_Lite.zip MFR machines are now textured by CoffeeCrazy, I am absolutely in love with those textures of his. Test it out, report any bugs you find. I'm preparing a 1.5 pack, but the conversion process is awfully slow even with several people working on it. Big thanks to Justin_a and Goldbattle for all they've done on the 1.5 ports.
  2. Just now saw this. If you're still interested, I can make the change for you.
  3. http://files.soartex.net/main/Soartex_Technic.zip Compatible with Technic 7.5.1, I think? Thank you Daniel! Didn't realize a new beta version was out. Please test this, I have not had the chance to test it at all myself. Too many updates to list, TBH. I will fix any bug that is not a back-compatability issue. From 1.4.6 on, Soartex will distribute a texture pack that is dedicated to Technic. All other packs can be found at http://files.soartex.net/main, if you are interested in FTB texture packs. Feel free to compile your own pack using the http://soartex.net/patcher, a preset is alread
  4. Krosis123 and racing pro: Not really a necro post, I just broke the link today. I moved all files to a new soartex server, and since I usually use adfly everything gets redirected at once to the fixed link. I just forgot to fix this one until now. :/ I completely dedicated about two months to mod support, so an awful lot more will be textured now. Unfortunately, I'm not going to port it back to 1.2.5, so this will sit until Techkit catches up to everything else. Thanks for keeping an eye on things racingpro. EDIT: And dear lord is that header trashy. Lex vs. FC? I don't want to know..
  5. Mar1k: That doesn't sound like a problem with Soartex, but there have been some pipe based texture bugs that would affect how the held item looked (now fixed). Smurfkiller, I don't bother making alpha versions. I just create textures and help other people create textures for a month or so, then the update comes once we've got a huge collection of new stuff. So... I'm probably too relaxed about it. If you want to see what is going into the next version of the pack, just take a look around on soartex.net. There is a version of Soartex Modded compatible with 1.3.2, by the way. If anyone
  6. I've got another update here, RedPower logic has been made in its entirety and included. This makes soartex one of the easiest packs to work with (in my humble opinion) when RedPower redstoning due to the simplicity and straightforwardness of the textures. Textures for Buildcraft have also been completely remade and are near completion. In vanilla, five new mob skins have been added, wool color brightened and too many other small fixes I've made over the last few weeks to imagine. Let me know if you have any problems!
  7. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [(REAL)Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.1] Did that help, Leddy?
  8. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [(REAL)Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.1] Ok, so the trick to those textures is that Kinniken, the creator of Millénare, wants his mod to automatically switch to HD textures when using an HD texture pack. So he ships two sets of textures for everything, a 16x version and an HD version. He only adds the texture switching code when he has the HD textures for it, so some of your textures will require a prefix to overwrite the HD texture instead of the SD texture. Open the .techniclauncher/technicssp/mods/Millénare.zip file and match what textures you h
  9. Considering it's located in the texture pack forum, I figured that would be a given. Anyways, screenshots are coming soon, maybe that will help make it more clear. Updated to include link to OP. What do you guys think of it? I've got an update coming tomorrow morning that backdates this to be compatible with 6.x, I didn't realize 7.0.1 was merely a dev build.
  10. Re: Texture Pack [128x] Sphax PureBDcraft [(REAL)Technic 6.0.7 / Tekkit 2.1] Are you still having problems with Millénare textures? I can help you there.
  11. Soartex Fanver is the fan continuation of Soartex, a smooth 64x texture pack made by Soar49. Ready to go: Soartex Fanver for Tekkit Lite 6.5.1 Soartex Fanver for Tekkit Classic Screenshots courtesy of cpsgames! You can help by posting any bugs or by contributing textures on the Soartex forum. -------------------------------------------- Here is the original thread from Soar49. Here is the continuation thread from Soartex Fanver.
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