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  1. Thanks Magister -- Cerevox, when you're posting that again, please state that it hasn't been 'OFFICIALLY' updated. There are plenty of 1.5+ updates made by the community.
  2. I've got about 85% of stuff patched from Sphax by just going through the list of mods and getting the 1.5.1 versions... :S
  3. Ooh. No I hadn't. Will a redstone torch work? Edit - Yes. Thank you. (what an idiot i am)
  4. I've got a liquid tesseract pumping lava through a cobblestone pipe into a glass tank. I've put a liquiduct on the side (and tried bottom) of the tank, and hit it with a wrench to show the arrow pointing out - then connected a magmatic engine onto the row of liquiducts. However, the lava doesn't flow from tank to liquiduct. Any ideas why? Image :
  5. It's not that I think they're bad - I just need to manufacture about 60 pairs for what I'm doing :-)
  6. Sorry - this was about fixing phased teleport pipes
  7. (oh, and btw im on a survival server, so can't just use tesseracts...they're too expensive )
  8. So, as we all know Phased Teleport Pipes are broken in 1.0.6, I've seen that the AdditionalPipesDevs have 'fixed' their problem on their GitHub, but when I tried manually installing it on my local server, it crashes my client whenever i try to use one. Any tweakers willing to have a go/look? https://github.com/tcooc/AdditionalPipesBC/issues/55
  9. It's been fixed on the repository - Just need a tekkit update now. Any admins about? Gogo fix and 1.0.7 please :P
  10. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/teleport-pipes-spit-out-items.44573/ << There is a link to the additional pipes bug report in there.
  11. I manually added the 1.5.1 version - works just fine. Go do it! You just need your friends to download the .jar, manually put that in their mods folders and update their config if it clashes with any other mod you have.
  12. Thanks guys. Hadn't even heard of that. I'll build one right away
  13. Hey guys. I've got the solar module attached, and the 'omfg set fire to you leg regen' module - but i need a faster way of charging my power suit. Can anyone help?