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  1. ISSUE 10 - minor bug, mob essence, meat, sewerage and pink slime are produced probably x10 too fast if not x 20 (maybe even x100 hahahahaha). I collected 96000mb of pink slime in about 2 mins where in 2.0.4 it would take a long time. At the moment I cant make tanks fast enough to contain the output from 36cows!
  2. ISSUE 9 - minor strawberry plants show as unnamed.
  3. ISSUE 8 - minor, standard ME cables and blue ME cables join up. I assumed that if colour coded they wouldn't do this, so I am assuming this is a bug.
  4. ISSUE 7 - minor, harvesters do not appear to harvest wheat beyond doing 1 initial square. ie will harvest the first wheat when [re-]placed then nothing.
  5. Issue 6 - significant Issues with forcefield not deploying, except for intermittent squares. Started off small 10 squares and expanded to 45. After about 14, radius the force field never completes (ie all the air filled squares fill with field. This seems to work ok to 25 in open spaces like the Nether so it appears there is some sort of fatal interaction going. I never saw this with 2.0.4. It maybe a "feature" but its just not possible to make a forcefield work underground anymore. (unless this is the idea?)
  6. issue 5 - minor. On removing a ME access terminal occasionally the terminal disappears, nothing lying about to pick up.
  7. ISSUE 4 - very minor, ME drive chassis, pretty sure before (2.0.4) the slots only lit up if there was a drive in that slot, now all are green. Also they colour changed as they filled up, they now just stay green.
  8. BTW, I have always loved Voltz and this version you guys and gals have put together is the best yet, by far. thankyou.
  9. ISSUE 1 When using a wooden, stone or iron axe on a tree you can chop on one wood block and after a few mins the entire tree comes down, but with a peridot axe this feature does not work. I assume this is a bug and not on purpose. 4 of us playing for 2 days now no stability issues except one person's client seems to crash every so often.
  10. So far running multiplayer on linux, no issues noted, except maybe highish CPU use on the server...
  11. Ive downloaded the above server to my linux box and its running, however I cant connect as my client is to old. So how do I update the client to match the above please?