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  1. How do I keep the nether open so lava pumping works? thanks
  2. looked through server.log with grep -i no chunk warnings showed up
  3. I ran region fixer over it, no errors. Opened it in mcedit but I cant say i know what to look for and hence fix it.
  4. Hi, I was playing multiplayer fine (2 weeks now), logged off and went shopping (as you do). Logged back in and the client "stutters" hugely. On the server 1 cpu now at 100% for java (has 3 cpus and 6gb of ram). No idea what happened up until now not one issue anyone know of what to look for or fix? Sorry but i have no other info, just its 'suddenly' un-playable. The week old backup runs fine btw. I deleted my profile no difference. With or without my profile its is fine for 3~5seconds ie fast no stutter then un-playable. I am getting server cant keep up when I login, 35% of 1 cpu with no players on it, 100% when one connects. I assume a corrupt world?
  5. ISSUE 10 - minor bug, mob essence, meat, sewerage and pink slime are produced probably x10 too fast if not x 20 (maybe even x100 hahahahaha). I collected 96000mb of pink slime in about 2 mins where in 2.0.4 it would take a long time. At the moment I cant make tanks fast enough to contain the output from 36cows!
  6. ISSUE 9 - minor strawberry plants show as unnamed.
  7. ISSUE 8 - minor, standard ME cables and blue ME cables join up. I assumed that if colour coded they wouldn't do this, so I am assuming this is a bug.
  8. Say a Intel Core i7-4790K? Anyone water cooled it to get more ghz for Minecraft? regards
  9. ISSUE 7 - minor, harvesters do not appear to harvest wheat beyond doing 1 initial square. ie will harvest the first wheat when [re-]placed then nothing.
  10. Issue 6 - significant Issues with forcefield not deploying, except for intermittent squares. Started off small 10 squares and expanded to 45. After about 14, radius the force field never completes (ie all the air filled squares fill with field. This seems to work ok to 25 in open spaces like the Nether so it appears there is some sort of fatal interaction going. I never saw this with 2.0.4. It maybe a "feature" but its just not possible to make a forcefield work underground anymore. (unless this is the idea?)
  11. issue 5 - minor. On removing a ME access terminal occasionally the terminal disappears, nothing lying about to pick up.
  12. ISSUE 4 - very minor, ME drive chassis, pretty sure before (2.0.4) the slots only lit up if there was a drive in that slot, now all are green. Also they colour changed as they filled up, they now just stay green.
  13. I built one for the pumping station in the Nether, works fine, however I cant seem to get one around my base to come up, its like something is absorbing the energy off it? draining it out? is there anything that can cause this? regards
  14. I got a Tesseract link going, lava from the nether, copius energy now I got lucky though initially picked a spot right over large lava lakes I drained them..........boy did I use lava. Spent ages hunting endermen on the floor of a quarry, as it ran I died so many times it isnt funny. I think you need something like 37 or 38 ender eyes! regards
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