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    Let's test Tekkit 1.2.10c beta!

    Personally love galacticraft and use mystcraft in my server (tekkit and now voltz) in gm mode only to spawn quarry or war worlds for people to enjoy the server further (make it impossible to make a bookbinder and stop the coruption of those worlds). Dimensional doors I normally remove. (use the stargate plugin to connect to those worlds so people can not get their hands on the books.)
  2. Updated my old post with issues on page 3. Btw is anything known for voltz if it is going to switch to MC 1.7 or stay in 1.6 for the next release ? (Seen a lot of fixes for resonant induction for 1.7 hence the question and together with forestry and railcraft a really strong energy creation ore processing, transport and automated farm system)
  3. Can u help me wiht the server , we can work together

  4. I searched long and hard for a Cauldron-1.6.4-1.965.21 build with libraries so I could launch the bukkit plugins, due to the DMCA it was hard to find, running build 89 of it. The main cauldron jar replaces the voltz jar file then and is the one you launch, the libraries go in a libraries directory in the main folder of the server.
  5. Confirmed seems any Minefactory reloaded machine (Bioreactor as well) hooked to a fluiduct does this, but not if imported straight away via say a ME fluid import. Forestry machines do not seem to have this glitch alas.
  6. More pressing issue with this is that they can not be broken once the strawberry is picked unless you destroy the dirtblock beneath them, but even that one is a minor issue indeed.
  7. Basic ME cable connects to any other cable, even color coded ones, but colored cables do not connect to each other.
  8. Why offcourse, will try and keep it all in this post from now on, will recap and keep it sorted in parts : (Instead of 1 post per day max as I was doing beforehand if we found something) TreeCapitator : - Ruby, Saphire, Peridot and the power glove axe do not cut trees in one go but per block of wood. Ore wise : - Nether Ores seem to be offline not known if intentional. ExtraBiomesXL : - Strawberry marked as unnamed and after picking can not be broken only by destroying the block it is resting on. ProjectRedExploration : - Dropped a silver larch from forestry into a green backpack, can no longer take it out. Power Converters : - Placing a universal charger and hooking it up via a energy bridge to a rf consumer crashes client badly. (why is this mod in as it is not needed ?) Applied Energetics : - Storing fluid via a fluid storage bus (not using fluid chips) into a drum leads to insane amounts being able to be contained in a ME system. (Possibly causes huge client lag the more fluid is contained) - Sometimes breaking a terminal for ME makes it disappear when it breaks. (both fluid and normal ones it happens to) - Wireless access terminal spams the server with errors sometimes. Forestry : - Sometimes right clicking to open up the GUI on a just set-up machine can crash client (This time a machine.Squeezer is getting cast to a machine bottler which fails, placed it so I could access it from the bottom (aka on the ceiling) and it seems to work. (also happened with carpenter and centrifuge, could be the icbm reinforced concrete beneath them doing it, or that they might want a pipe beneath them to extract items..)) - Unknown if issue, but made a farm in a cracked sand biome and it did not want to plant the plants (seeds) even tho it was 200% saturated with water, but it did place the dirt and was set to be a wheat farm correctly. (Could be biome related, still need to check if it will work in my space station) RailCraft : - Inserting Coal Coke into a blast furnace crashes client. (Using the coal coke in a furnace generator or steam dynamo works) - Sometimes placing a rolling machine next to a redstone energy conduit it turns the rolling machine into an obsidian block. Resonant Induction Electrical : - Charged plates seem to be something that crashes the client in single player. (Placed it down and voltz crashed (codechicken multipart crash)) - Handheld laser drill crashes client. - Fusion plant seems to work, but seems to glitch out and stop producing steam after a while. - High probability that using a lot of solar panels together causes drawing lag for the player (more then 2 stacks in 1 field as they link together) - Changed the setting of turbineOutputMultiplier to 4.5 to set it to tekkit 1.2.9e standards for power generation. - Resonant induction pipes not working that well (can not remove toxic waste from reactor with them for example) - Fission plant can glitch and gives errors in the log then shoots up to 17K and explodes (area remains glitched even after remaking the reactor and even empty reactor then explodes after a while). ( Universal Electricity Threaded Ticker: Failed while tcking updater. This is a bug! Clearing all tickers for self repair) (clears after server restart the glitched area) - Resonant induction wires not working that well as just having them creates a drain on a network even tho nothing is pulling the energy and a big one at that. (Tho might be as intended..) Extra Utilities : - Solar generator will crash client if the player right clicks it when on a server, but they do deliver power and work. (if newly set down until they start charging, once they have been charging they are fine (takes 30 seconds roughly)) MineFactory Reloaded : - Oil Fabricator crafting needs to be set to true as lava fabricator is also on and helps going to space for compact hidden bases. - Any MineFactory reloaded machine that produces fluid have a bug where they produce giant amounts of fluid if connected to a fluiduct but not if connected to say a me fluid import. (Essence, Biofuel, sludge, milk, meat, pink etc.) Thermal Expansion : - There is a trick using 2 drums , 2 liquid pipes and a liquid router to glitch the setup to generate fluids perpetually. OpenBlocks : - Elevator blocks seem to bug out after a while on the server and will prevent movement up and down, single player wise they work. Minechem : - Marble in a microscope lags client badly but does not crash the client and can be removed after a relog. - Uranium from resonant induction mod can not be used within minechem but uranium ore is needed for minechem to work. (via unification the reverse of it, minechem uranium can be used in resonant induction to make yellowcake tho so best to seed world with minechem version of uranium instead) - Placing a MFR sludgeboiler on a minechem tungsten plating block used to make a minechem fusion or fission generator crashes the server due to tile entity checks. - Galacticraft ingots of metals decompose into plutonium instead of say aluminium (fun lesser issue). ICBM : - Placing a ICBM launcher over the frame and/or control panel by accident crashes client and leaves ghost blocks in the air where it stood which can lead to the new missile hitting one and exploding on the pad or near it. - Placing a Galacticraft rocket on a launching pad gives a SEVERE java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: calclavia.api.icbm.RadarRegistry error in the log and can crash a server. - Tweaked server files so the turrets would shoot players as well. - When trying to pick up a turret gun the turret gun will disappear. (wrench or trying to break it) Galacticraft : - Meteors sometimes lag server due to ClassNotFoundException for GCCoreEntityMeteor.func_70071_h_ (SEVERE warning in log) - Galacticraft rockets that are sometimes placed on a launch pad would disappear, unknown reason. - Spacestation has a invisible border sideways and being near it drops the players fps to 0. World wise : - The world seems to change ever so slightly between restarts of the server, builded or removed blocks stay, but natural blocks can change, could be down to the cauldron build we are using. (For example no mobspawner near a area I was using, restart server and a mobspawner room is there) - Some users are reporting losing stuff when crafting, I myself noticed that the server might have a hick-up and revert to a few seconds earlier and decompose made items again suddenly. (No mention in logs of the server being strained, just happens from time to time) Notes : - So far everyone loves MineChem once discovered. - One needs more lower tech weapons to see the pvp war escalate in voltz, currently it goes from swords to grenades, missiles and icbm no real cheaper gun options before that. (except for the needle gun that is, but missing something low tech as a musket or a simple six shooter etc to bridge a gap tech and resource wise as a weapon.) - Mystcraft installation to have a pvp world area to spare the normal world is highly advised. (used my tekkit 1.2.9e version of mystcraft with configs for this and it loads without a hitch) - Qcraft installation would be nice as this could be handy for quick escape doors and elaborate boobytraps for bases. - Due to MadScience and MineChem Nether Stars are needed so if not buyable in a store, prepare to see withers being spawned by people, which makes it easier if there is a war world so they do not mess up the main world. - Galacticraft makes for a nice safe haven with the space station to store stuff from the base before a war starts, plus leads to interesting fights on the moon or mars as well. - Forestry ores can be unified to minefactory reloaded ores, resonant induction uranium can be unified to minechem ore that also works for resonant induction. - Railcraft and ICBM Sulfur is not usable for decomposing in minechem. (no real issue as one can use the thermal expansion one instead and use the unification block to turn stuff around) - Wind turbines are great ! - High pressure steam boilers are a saving grace to get electric turbines to start spinning without a fusion or fission plant.
  9. The uranium ore for minechem is not generating and it can not use the resonant version and it is needed to create even more advanced minechem things. Minechem works wonders and is fun to get triple yield from ores if done right tho. (Plus mince for example leftover cobblestone into sub products in the hope of finding even more ore atoms) (could be that changing the config for the uranium ore number to be the same as that of resonant would work, not tested.)
  10. ICBM turrets alas can not be set to have whitelists which is a shame. (aka can only shoot mobs.. or shoot everything except the player that placed them.) (We currently use stickypiston shutters to prevent them from seeing and shooting stuff if we do not want them to react.) Also one needs more lower tech weapons to see the pvp war escalate in voltz, currently it goes from swords to grenades, missiles and icbm no real cheaper gun options before that. (except for the needle gun that is, but missing something low tech as a musket or a simple six shooter etc to bridge a gap tech and resource wise as a weapon.) Elevator blocks seem to bug out after a while on the server and will prevent movement up and down, single player wise they work. Blast furnace crashes client when inserting coal coke.
  11. Managed to get the server going : - So far charged plates seem to be something that crashes the client in single player. (Placed it down and voltz crashed (codechicken multipart crash)) - Mining Lasers seemed to work nicely in single player for me at least. - Solar generator from extra utilities will crash client if the player right clicks it when on a server, but they do deliver power and work. - Firing handheld laser drill crashes client. Testing is going onwards if we find more I will let it know.
  12. Tried running it locally and on my hosted server area, tried with mcpc versions 251 and 262 and the recommended cauldron for 1.6.4 I had, but all failed to start the server alas. (All bukkit related versions did not seem to want to work alas even on my system to start up all ending in various serious server crashes) (Loading without the original 2 jars, but simply using the mcpc or cauldron jar as a main file run.) Also tried loading on my hosted area as a vanilla world by using the voltz.jar file to trigger the launch, or as a modded version using the voltz.jar to launch it.. but alas nothing seemed to work, so can not test it with my player base at this moment. When the pack upgrades more later or gets released will try again or when I have more mp mod server related options open again with my plugins as well.
  13. Looking at the 3.1.2 voltz mod pack I got interested in voltz again and am looking if I should switch my tekkit server over to it. My main question is which mod from the new pack (in conjunction with a plugin perhaps) can I use to separate the pvp from the pve part in the new voltz so ppl can build and enjoy the enlared build part but also enjoy the pvp part in a different area or world. (Bit of a strange remark but with the enlarged options ppl need a more or less safe area to experiment and a non-safe area to use the other part of the pack) Or will something like mystcraft be added to the pack later seeing one needs worlds to fight on and (a) world(s) to build on ? (Tested it out quickly took it from Tekkit, changed starfissure item id from 1281 to 557 and it ran at least) Will this weekend temporarily run voltz 3.1.2 instead of tekkit on my server, will let you know what comes out of the test. Quick test so far running first test server offline : - The /help command gives errors from time to time (especially after changing ones own gamemode) - Dynmap 1.9.3 forge 9.11.1 does work well for it no problem there. - Tried MCPC+ 262 build for 1.6.4 but it gave errors alas with the voltz server in 3.1.2 pack, checking if I can find other Cauldron or MCPC+ builds somewhere for 1.6.4 to get my plugins online.
  14. When I spawned a new map via multiverse the first time it is correct, when you then mess with the mod configs or the mods and stop/start the server it becomes glitched it is down to how multiverse loads the world (read that somewhere in another post) so am advising ppl to choose the option to save stuff in the nether in vaults and then I regen the main world and unload multiverse. As the memory was going nuts I disabled the pipe tethers as those do not work (read that somewhere else) and so far the server seems stable now memory wise.
  15. unloading multi-verse seems to fix the issue, did that localhost with the broken worlds and they worked fine and everything returned to normal, seems tekkit 3.0.4 does not like multiverse-core a lot, also tried the multiworld plugin, same issue, so reverting the world back to a default version of tekkit only 1 world, 1 nether, 1 end. That is until tekkit or multiverse patches to like each other again Aye redid all plugins by hand for 1.2.5 rc3 or at least 1.2.5 version when I changed the server to 3.0.4