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  1. Some of those ores are not handled by the worldgen but by their own modpack, check the config files for the mods that give the ore to see if you can tweak something in there. One possibility that I know is adding it as a custom ore gen define in the worldgen config, etc. Bit tricky to do right. and making sure that that custom worldgen file is used (best to test offline in newly generated chunks then on a server.)
  2. Normally also check if there is an item Id conflict file or error (happens mostly) and then set the item ids in your new mods config right.
  3. Use java 1.7 not 1.8 preferably 64 bit version
  4. Normally this spawns due to galacticraft in tekkit 3.1.2 beta. (make sure you are not playing the default voltz as far as I know) (little cogwheel under voltz on the left hand side, make sure it is not loading recommended for example) Make sure that mod is there and that in the config it is generating it, then go to a new not explored chunk a bit away and set up a quarry to gather the ore. You could try resetting the modpack so that it would download the mods again, but be warned backup your saves first just in case.
  5. Make sure behind the grinders is actually an ME interface block (and if with extra cells an me fluid interface block) and not an import or bus or chest. That normally works for me extremely well.
  6. There is an option I know off it is in the config file of galacticraft that you can edit to get the display on the other side. (press in minecraft before loading a world -> options -> resource packs -> open resource pack folder then go up 1 directory level and go into the config folder then the galacticraft folder) Inside the galacticraft core config : # If true, this will move the Oxygen Indicator to the bottom. You can combine this with "Minimap Left" B:"Minimap Bottom"=false (changed this to true myself) # If true, this will move the Oxygen Indicator to the left side. You can combine this with "Minimap Bottom" B:"Minimap Left"=false
  7. Personally love galacticraft and use mystcraft in my server (tekkit and now voltz) in gm mode only to spawn quarry or war worlds for people to enjoy the server further (make it impossible to make a bookbinder and stop the coruption of those worlds). Dimensional doors I normally remove. (use the stargate plugin to connect to those worlds so people can not get their hands on the books.)
  8. Updated my old post with issues on page 3. Btw is anything known for voltz if it is going to switch to MC 1.7 or stay in 1.6 for the next release ? (Seen a lot of fixes for resonant induction for 1.7 hence the question and together with forestry and railcraft a really strong energy creation ore processing, transport and automated farm system)
  9. Do not know hamachi, but normally one launches a voltz server by starting the voltz.jar and it takes it from there. (It loads the minecraft_server.jar underwater for you) Most cases where one sees a normal world instead of a voltz one is one loaded the minecraft_server.jar and not the voltz.jar as the main server jar to run.
  10. Also the qcraft portal can work, set up 1 at a one at b make sure both got unmelting ice on the computer and presto. Whoops was allready given as an answer.
  11. Did you start voltz.jar ? It sounds you started a server via minecraft_server.jar
  12. Use the worldborder plugin, set a border at say 2k blocks, then ask worldborder to generate all chunks for you.
  13. Open JRE version ? tried installing a official java pack from oracle for ubuntu and running it via that java 1.7 version ? That might do the trick, could be due to that version of java. Could also be due to OpenGL issue, or a graphics driver issue, worth checking those out as well to see if latest for ubuntu and working well. For example tried other opengl games under linux and those worked well ? if those also have an issue with drawing, try finding a better graphics driver. (For example nvidia driver package can be downloaded for ubuntu from the nvidia site, etc. as linux distros may not ship it directly nor host it in it's update system if I am correct.)
  14. Try running it with java 1.7 instead of with 1.8 there is a known issue with java 1.8 build 20 and higher if right for the time being. Plus if possible use the 64 bit version of java and set the launcher to use 2gb for smoother play using many mods loaded.
  15. Can u help me wiht the server , we can work together

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