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  1. I have been gone for a LONG time and I wanted to get back into the game and back into tekkit. I am currently running two servers, one is vanilla which I am probably going to close once I get my Tekkit server finished, and the other is, well my tekkit server that is almost done. Problem is, I can't get anything to load through the tekkit launcher. Nothing works, not even vanilla. What is wrong? When I click play it does it's loading thing, verifies files, and then the screen flashes and does nothing.
  2. 15: Voltz (typing fast... sorry) 18: wanted this for the musket mostly OK... read the list, will start downloading stuff... next questions are: 1: What version of MC is best for these mods? should I be running 1.7.10? Someone told me I needed to be on 1.64 because some of the mods were not compatible. 2: Do I need to get zip? .jar? universal? kinda lost on what is what
  3. This is the list I came up with... 1: Reiminimap or journeymap (as long as I can see coordinates, and set waypoints) 2: treecapitator 3: damage indicators 4: galacticraft 5: industrialcraft 6: buildcraft 7: tinkers 8: Meckanism 9: optifine 10: quarry+ 11: atomic science 12: hats 13: mystcraft 14: nei 15: vlotz 16: thermal expansion 17: minefactory reloaded 18: Balkon's Weapon Mod 19: Iron chests 20: biomes o plenty 21: Factorization 22: Inventory Tweaks 23: LogisticsPipes 24: MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits 25: Universal Electricity Other than those, the only other things I can think of would be any dependencies those mods might have. But as stated, I dont know about alot of cool mods that I might like. If there is something else out there that is cool and not huge, please let me know. The only other thing I have noticed and wondered about is on some modpacks, i will have 3-4 different "copper ore" blocks from different mods and thus they are all in separate stacks. Is there any way to have all the mods use the same item number so I dont have that issue? Thank you again for the help so far.
  4. If you are willing to have a chat with me about a mod list, I can start working on downloading everything and having all the mods ready to put into a pack. My issue at this point, is I am not sure what has dependencies and what does not. There are small mods that make the game so much more enjoyable like iron chests, that if I did not already have someone tell me about them, I would not even know exist... and these are small things that I would like to have included. So, if you have the time, and are willing, perhaps, we can have a chat about recommended mods so I can start building a list and get to downloading.
  5. Someone had offered to help me, but has since not been around. As such, I am looking for someone that is willing to build a modpack for me to run on the technic launcher and instruct me in the creation of a local private server. Yes, I realize this may be allot to ask of someone, however, if someone is able to build a stable working pack with what I want, and help me get a server up and running with the corresponding mods on it, there may be reward in it for them (unless it takes flipping forever to make the pack), if they accept such things. Honestly, I have posted threads on multiple sites asking for help and have received less than helpful comments, so let me make this simple. 1: I have NO idea how to build a pack because ever time I try, it fails horribly. 2: I don't want to learn how to build a mod, work with java, or download any programs so as to code anything. 3: I would like to learn how to assemble a modpack (not a mod itself), but that would be at the discretion of whoever decides to actually help me, IF anyone can see fit to do so. 4: I am only doing this so I can spend some time with my nephew. Since I moved away from home, he and I don't get to game like we used to, and we both kinda miss it. 5: I will likely need actual skype/ts3/ventrilo/raidcall help to set up the server. If you are the kind of person that thinks you can help a clueless gamer reconnect with his nephew by way of gaming on a nicely modded minecraft client/server, please feel free and send me a private message. Thank you in advance to anyone willing to help.
  6. I am respectfully requesting the assistance of anyone that has enough time to teach me how to make my own modpacks and install them onto a local server. I have watched countless tutorials, read wiki pages, and even the beginners guides that I have found all over this site and others and I am still lost as hell. If there is anyone that can spare the time to teach me, and help me build this pack, I would appreciate it. I don't just want it done, I want to learn. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. If you have the time, and are willing to skype so as to teach me, please send me a private message. Thank you in advance. Lethality
  7. I can not get my modpack to work anywhere. Every time I update the modpack on tecnicpack.net and then try to load it in the launcher, it says its invalid. I have tried everything suggested here. Are there any current working methods?
  8. I am looking for any input I can get on making a smaller tekkit pack. I do not need or want all the mods that are in the big tekkit pack, such as the portals and a few others. All I want is to be able to build my machines, use automation, and send my nephew to the moon I have never built my own pack like this, and I am sure there are other mods that could and probably should be included to make all this work, but basically I want to strip down tekkit and have WAY less than 109 mods running. My computer does not seem to like it, and I can only imagine its my video card thats getting angry as it is rather out of date. I am leaning to the masterful wisdom of the masses here to get the help I need with this modpack. Here is a basic list of what I have figured I want included thus far. If there are dependencies or childmods that need to be or should be included, it would be handy to know. Also, please tell me what you think of this crazy plan of mine and if there are ways I can do this better. Perhaps there is already a dumbed down version of tekkit which would suit my needs, but the basics are that I have to be able to go to the moon (I REALLY want to launch my nephew into orbit), I want to be able to automate stuff, and I want to be able to build quarries and stuff. Any help or input would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  9. I have gone into creative mode and flew around for an hour in one direction and found NO rubber trees. I gave up looking and wanted to check if they existed in my NEI, and sure enough, they do. However, when I tried to take a rubber sapling and put it in my inventory, it said "there is no such item with ID 698" It did this for the raw rubber, rubber bar, plastic sheets, and several other items. I have a standard install of Tekkit on my server and client. Can anyone tell me what is going on?
  10. I was instructed to repost my issue here, so here goes. I am running a MC server with tekkit/forge and I am trying to add a mod called JourneyMap in with them, however, it seems to causing some issues. What I have tried: 1: I had the most recent version of the mod (for mc 1.7.10) in the mods folder for both the server and client, but when the client loaded, the mod was not recognized and did not load. 2: I removed the 1.7.10 version from the mods folders, and manually added it to the tekkit .jar file... same results. 3: I downloaded the 1.64 version of the mod to coincide with the version of MC that loads with tekkit and put it in both the server and the client mod folders. This causes the client to crash when launched through the technic launcher. 4: I removed the mod from the client mod folder, and the launcher works, but mod is inactive. I have a copy of my crash log, but I do not want to post it all in here and make this post HUGE. Someone told me to use pastebin, but I don't know how to make that work, never used it before and I don't use forums often, so, if you need to look at my crash log, please tell me how to use pastebin on here and I will edit this post. Any help would be appreciated.
  11. So, I wanted to add this mod for my server. I added the mod to my server and my client, and when I launch the client, it crashes. I have a crash report, however, I do not know if there is a way to post it as like a spoiler so it does not make a MASSIVE post. I can post the crash report as a reply if there is no other way. Basic info: OS: Windows 7 x64 MC server runs tekkit w/ Forge MC client launches as version 1.64 Mod that causes fault is also for version 1.64 Not sure what else someone might need to assist, but I can provide any information needed. Thank you in advance.
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