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  1. Once again, It was a request they not post, not a demand. I am well aware I can't force them not to. And no, it's more like you asking to use something someone's been working on for over a year, them not responding, and you releasing it without their permission. I'm fairly sure they're have been lawsuits over that or similar situations before. I did use linux at one time, but windows is much easier. I'm not saying that making it easier is a bad thing, I'm saying making something for a 12 year old but making it at the standards of something for a 3 year old makes lazy people lazier.
  2. Hello Helen, I'm rather interested as to why your still riding their dicks after they've attemepted to publically humilate you with that rank, but lets move on to your post. Considering the person I sent "You are an illiterate douchebag" to couldn't read and had chosen instead to post an uninformed reply, I do believe that was a decent response. I didn't expect it to be met with a positive response, but I did expect the people I wanted to reply to keep a level head, and they have (neowulf, sct). I said major bugs, with map corrupting and duping as examples. I didn't say they were just map corruption, and you can look around the bug reports forums and the server ops area to find the bugs and the fixes users have posted. I have attemped to back up my statements, but most of them are word of mouth things that do not have references. Consdering if they were false the Technic Team would have the sources to disprove them, I feel that my points have enough backing by the fact I have yet to see such proof. When I do, I will gladly revise my opinions.
  3. Valid first point. Post all you want people, but I appreciate the ones that have followed my request. Thanks guys. I posted it because I felt like it. I don't think it will make a diffrence, but you never know.. "One candle may light a thousand" Once again you don't say if he got permission or not. "Didn't say no" isn't permission. Thats like saying something doesn't have a price tag on it at a store, it's free. Yes, most people are lazy idiots. Maybe not having a way for them to get the pack so easily would make them acutally put up in an effort for something in their short, meaningless lives.
  4. Just look around the forums, there are several places saying how to fix these bugs that you are trying to claim don't exist. Why they couldn't be fixed in the server files by the team instead of leaving it for the end user is beyond me. If they DO beta test, then bugs that are caused by placing an item (blackhole chests have a graphical glitch for 99% of players for instance that can be easily fixed in the configs) should be fixed before release. But they aren't. Do you know how long it took them to updated to tekkit 3 or whatever it was? When they all ditched to play skyrim? It took them a month to get tekkit updated. If they don't have permission from all of them, it's still stealing. They should of gotten it before release, not along the way. I'm referring to many conversations with them in IRC, and just observing them around the forum. Have you seen the shit they post? They have entire forum dedicated to watching conflicts between mod developers and launghing at it. I'm saying it would be more productive than sitting here arguing with me when you don't have the knowledge required to sway me in the matter. and I'm glad you got to use that gif, though it makes about as much sense as "aslkjafsdkffaklaflk;s". If I'm not worth anyones time, would you mind going about your life and not posting here? Mod edit: Merged double posts.
  5. If I'm wrong, then correct me with something backing you up other than your imaginary friend. You guys keep pointing to your fame, but I said nothing about it other than the technic team doesn't deserve it. Theres no reason it should be brought up in the context your bringing it up in unless you have absoluting nothing to back up your claims.
  6. There's a diffrence between demands and requests, though it is rather sad that a simple request cannot be followed. I am well aware what I did. I am hoping to get a well thought out responce from someone on the team, explaining. If I could get a decent response instead of simply telling me I'm an idiot, etc. then I'd leave. Before you say that that is demanding, thats being persistent. Not demanding. Mod edit: Merged double posts.
  7. First off, why do they have the right to post here? Do they know anything about what happens as far as the pack goes thats not public knowledge? I know this probably won't change anything, but I wanted to attempted to make a point. You pretty much summed up the point with "I don't agree with your work", but it's the reasons that are the problem. Him trying to blame you for it is rather childish, but you still havn't answered whether you got permission in the first place. I am no longer using the "most popular pack in minecraft existence", though I had been using it. I used it before it became the massive cesspool it is. The user count on here is large, but how many have left to play other packs, and how many people would there be playing private packs if you put them all together? I'd say we're about even.
  8. I never said it "sucked", I said it had bugs that could be fixed with a bit of testing. I requested that only the staff post, I didn't demand anything. As long as the post wasn't deleted, they could of not replied and I wouldn't of cared. As far as manners goes, you went directly against what someone asked of you, an extremely simple request, and got into other peoples business. Might wanna have your manners looked at before talking about others.
  9. Hmm, maybe thats because I made this account just to post this? I thought the avatar was a bit over the top, but a friend made it and I felt obligied to use it at least once.
  10. Consider it a request, I am aware I can't make rules. At least you read it, it seems your not blind though you are rather rude as you can't keep out of things that don't involve you.
  11. Really, what server have you run? What kind of things did you test? Try backing up your statements a bit, and also learning to read. It says don't post unless your Technic Team/Staff.
  12. Thanks for your reply, I'm trying to make a point. I know they do this for free, but what is the point in doing something if you don't put any effort into it. They simply put a few mods that other people port into a pack and get fawned at by millions of minecraft players. I do not want or need to make a pack to compete with tekkit, personally I think large public packs shouldn't exist. Server owners with the expertise to run a modded server should be able to make one themselves and have it made to suit them and their players. While I'm sorry if the permissions myth is false, I would like something to explain why you had forestry effectively ripped out of the pack by the mod developer if you had his permission. I appreciate your post and the fact you can keep a level head. Regards. Okay. While I appreciate your opinion, would you mind getting your sight checked? It seems you missed the part about not posting if you're not on the Technic Team/Forum Staff. Mod edit: Merged triple posts.
  13. And you sir, are an illiterate douche. What the hell do any of these things have to do with what I said. They don't have adfly links because they aren't allowed to make money from this or they'd be in legal trouble, plus adfly is just retarded anyway. All modpacks are free, and no one would pay for a pack beacuse it's a collection of free works, plus it would assrape minecraft's mod policy and the modders own licenses. I have never asked for tech support, and the "ungrateful brats" wouldn't have to ask for support if the Technic Team spent 10 minutes beta testing their modpacks. I'm going to have to pull a dickhead faggot on you. Dickhead faggot
  14. To the Technic Team, I'm going to be very blunt here: You guys piss me off. You have no idea how to make a modpack or beta test (all tekkit releases I've used have had 5+ major -map corrupting/duping- bugs the end user has to fix). You take extreme amounts of time to update your packs, sometimes upwards of a month after the minecraft version and mods you use have been released, and you're in general complete asshats. Every time I had attempted to figure out a problem with tekkit that you had caused by improperly configuring the mods, I was told it wasn't your problem by your team members. You're arrogant fools, and you do not deserve to have the recognition you recieve from STEALING mod developers work without the developers permissions. IF you remove this, I will repost it. If you ban me, I will come back and post it. I want a response from the staff about this, and none of that pathetic "Helen Keller" rank bullshit. I am well aware that you don't like what I'm saying, but you've all been immature brats for too long. IF your not a team member, don't post here. It's not your problem. I know there will be several people riding their dicks that feel a need to defend them. Why not try to do something productive like getting a life? Regards.
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