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  1. Being a "mad" scientist myself, I can't wait!
  2. I wonder what else you can implement so CC-adictees aren't yelling at you..
  3. I just posted this page to reddit. Mikeemoo was the first one to comment.
  4. Hello (Or should I say Salut), I'm looking for someone who makes modded minecraft vids in French (And with French subtitles, so I can follow along) What I'd like; - A clear voice (I currently have a French tutor from Africa and she has a accent that's a bit hard to understand) - Someone that speaks some what slowly - Has high quality work (Always a good thing.) - And also knows some english (Also a good thing ) Thanks!
  5. Ok thanks! the deal expires Dec. 15 so I have some time..
  6. Ok, thanks! Any other suggestions besides ones regarding RAID?
  7. Hmm, The only reason(s) I want to use 3 hard drives is just because I can , Windows (Only because some apps can only run on it), Mac OS X (Because I want to make iOS apps, and Macs are best for doing media stuff), And Linux because it's really fast (Plus I can take the .dlls from the Windows drive and run WINE on the Linux drive without much hassle.), The drives are in pretty good condition, One guy I know says he wants to see what data has been deleted for non-malicious purposes, So I guess I need to see how to do RAID then earn enough money to get this thing! Thanks.
  8. 9 Drives? The computer only has one, and I'm going to add 2 more.
  9. Thanks! Here is the link to the computer. I promise this is a good deal!
  10. I was able to to bargain at a estate sale for the drives, Two 1TB hard drives for $35!! And they seem to be in great condition, And yes, three drives for each OS, So I won't even have to really partition at all! This is the link to the computer. IT IS AN AMAZING DEAL (For those in the months ahead, this is probably not a very good deal), I can't wait to see your posts! So guys, will this do everything I want it to?
  11. It is a HP Envy 700qe, with a i7-4770 3.4GHz, 32GB DDR3-1600MHz, A terabyte of space (I have more drives, so not that important), Blu-ray etc, a 4GB NVIDIA GeForce GT640 graphics card (This will determine my final decision), For the OS, It has Windows 8 installed (I'm planning on adding 2 more drives so I can triple boot Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X -hackintosh!). So how would this computer do for: Minecraft and Tekkit and stuff (What else do you think I was using it for?) Recording videos (Yes, I actually want to add to the mass of videos already done) Doing some stuff with blender Programm
  12. I'm planning on writing some books that guide you through installing, playing, and (possibly) make mods, Can you guys give me suggestions of (large) mods that I could write about? The format for the book(s) is yet undecided due to my inability with coming up with ideas. Thank you, and I hope I can come up with something.
  13. Ok, I can't wait to patronize your pieces of art!
  14. Ugg! I wish I was able to speak with them, They were at IKEA in Renton.. I hope they come to PAX next year, and that I remember to go. My parents had blank expressions when I said one of the guys had a technic shirt on. Oh how I wish I spoke with them.
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