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  1. I'm on a Mac and when I launch the Technic Launcher, choose Hexxit, It opens the Hexxit window as well as the "Hello" window and when the Hello window is finished loading, both of the windows close and nothing happens. I've tried launching it many times and it does the same thing each time. Can somebody please try and help me find out what I am doing wrong. Thank you ~Josh Rox
  2. IGN: josh_rox_98 How old are you?: I'm 14.3 years young. How often are you available and in what timezone?: I'm on about every 1-2 days usually. How long have you been playing Tekkit / Minecraft?: I've played Minecraft for 1.5 years and Tekkit for 1 Previous bans (include reason): I was once banned from my friends server but he was just kidding so I don't think that counts. How did you hear about us?: I found the server on the technicpack.net forums section. Have you read and agreed to our server rules, and read the FAQ completely?: Yes. You guys owe me 30 mins of in game fun XD Why would you be a good addition to the server?: I would be a good addition to your server because I am a dedicated Tekkitter (if that's a word) and I really love making the ultimate set up. My most favourite mod is Industrial Craft and I always end up running out of space in my houses from all of my machines. I would be willing to help anyone with any Tekkit/ Minecraft related problems when ever it's needed and I would never do anything to upset anyone. It would be a great honour to join this server and my friend and I would enjoy our time here greatly. Thanks for reading my application. ~Josh Rox
  3. Ingame Name: josh_rox_98 Reason of joining: My friend and I really want to find a good tekkit server which isn't terrible and this fits the criteria. Experience: 1 year Age: 14 Favourite mod: Industrial Craft
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