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  1. Still works on MacOS as well. The right mix has been achieved.
  2. Great Work. Confirmed upgrading to of MineChem also fixes NEI on MacOS
  3. A good theory, but while HFS+ supports case sensitivity it is disabled by default in MacOS. $ cd tmp/ $ echo hello > test $ cat Test hello In any case, I deleted NEI.cfg, NEIServer.cfg, NEISubset.cfg. The files were regenerated with the same cases and the results were the same as before.
  4. I looked at all the logs, and nothing is that interesting. I turned on NEI debugging (mistaqur.enableDebug=true) expecting more verbose logs and was met with the same. Is there a way to get Forge or NEI to become super verbose? I also install big dig on a windows 7/java1.7 to see if the logs had any glaring differences however I didn't find anything, but it does work correctly on Windows. So, I know very little about java but it looks like NEI is hitting some platform specific code. Unfortunately I know fairly little about java so I am depended on others here. Many thanks for your hard and noble work in solving these issues as they arise. Wrangling 92 mods can't be easy.
  5. https://gist.github.com/georgyo/5659924 These logs come after deleting the entire big dig folder, so it includes the first run of everything and creating the world. I let it run for around for 20 minutes to finish the initial world gen, and then exit. EDIT: Updated the gist with the IDMap Dump. I can only dump it if I include unused IDs, as if I select ignore unused IDs it won't dump claiming there is nothing to dump. Somehow NEI things every ID is unused although the dump clearly shows other wise.
  6. Well, its definitely a problem in NEI land. It thinks everything item is unused. If I dump all IDs, there are 532/4096 named items. But if I tell NEI to ignore unused ids it will say nothing to dump...
  7. Confirmed, started a name survival game and NEI is still borked on 1.3.5 on OS X 10.8.3 java 1.6 and 1.7. Actually, its even more broken then in 1.3.4. In 1.3.4 if you clicked item subsets, you could see all the menus. Blocks and items were delected by default but re-enabling them did not make items appear on the right side. In 1.3.5 clicking on item subsets does nothing at all. I also completely deleted ~/Library/Application\ Support/technic/bigdig/ and got the same results.
  8. I don't have the screen flipping problem on OS X 10.8.3 running java 1.6, but NEI doesn't display any items, and if I go into creative mode and click the search tab, I crash.
  9. Spent much of yesterday playing with this. I never used tubes before, they are pretty awesome. They are much smarter then pipes. If you put them on an invalid input/output they don't connect at all. I could get rid of all the iron pipes if pipes did that. On the other side, there is no way to maintain order. If I run out of an item, the next item item being sorted may take the blank. And since I am doing barrels, there are not enough colors in the world to using sorting machines. If there was something like a sorting tube similar to a diamod pipe, that would be awesome. Routers have the same problem as above, but are less predictable. Even with the thoroughness upgrade it will fill multiple chests; at least one barrel per level. There is also no way to have a default chest at the end only for items that didn't have a place to go. Routers also have an extremely long setup time. Dark iron isn't in NEI because it isn't craftable, so you actually have to research how to get it out of the game. Not to mention that it requires a block of diamonds. And the wrath igniter seems like the ultimate greifer tool. One spark, and destroy a great work. I may want to ban that tool on my server. That has the side effect of banning all machines that use dark iron. Logistic pipes I was sure would be the answer. They don't obey the sides, so I can pull items out of any side. They are fairly cheap, 64 basic pipes only costs two diamonds. But they won't put something in a barrel unless its requested. So close. Anyway, I suppose the fact that I want so much control means I am doomed to it this way. Its a little odd that routers are also from factorization and can do whatever they want. I don't understand why he would make barrels more restrictive then chests. For this base, I will continue with this complicate pipe setup. It is the only way to ensure absolute order. For the next base I will use tubes and logistic pipes to chests. I can then hide everything out of the way and request things at will.
  10. I also can't find that item. But the main reason why I like barrels is because it shows the item and the count on its face. And because it only holds one type, there is no chance of miss-organization. I debated on using crystal chests, but it would have required 66 diamonds just to make the chests... Also, you can't stack them directly on top of each other. So while would use less pipes, it would be just as ugly and require far more resources. In terms of storing more, 4096 of a single item is quite a bit. If your going over that count you either don't use/need that item or its extremely abundant. The only thing that I could ever see going above that count is cobblestone. And maybe nicolite since nothing uses it and it comes out it massive bundles. So space is not a concern. Once you hit a number you think you'll never use up, the rest goes directly into the recycler.
  11. I really like factorization's barrels, however I do have one gripe about them. They are only top loadable. As I started creating pipes to sort all my stuff, I had to make it ugly, and use a ton more pipes. In the screenshots bellow, there are 33 barrels. If I could back load them, this would only require: 11 Diamond Pipes, 10 Cobblestone Pipes, 12 Stone Pipes But instead, this setup took 11 Diamond Pipes, 44 iron pipes, 15 Cobblestone, 18 stone pipes. All so I could ensure items go though the top, and don't go side to side because there is so many pipes touching pipes and the wrong sides of the barrels. And it not very pretty.
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