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  1. Here are some recent screen shots of Arachis Keep. It's a castle with starter houses for new players. The castle has an enchanting table, small farm and villager ghetto. Each house comes furnished and includes power (both EU & MJ). http://imgur.com/a/pC6A6
  2. Is that server you mentioned still up? Needing a place to go.

  3. can you give me ip of grief prevention server please tweaker ?

  4. hey tweaker me and my buds are looking for new server to join since tmeks is down could you hook me up with the ip for the new one your on pls

  5. 48 hours down. Bummer. I've started playing on another server, it has multiverse. One regular world with the same GriefProtection mod as tmek's and another regular world that allows anything (PvP, Mining laser, nukes). It's still in beta testing as it gets tuned up, msg me if you want to join.
  6. I second Lithorn's nomination. He should be a mod. The server could use some moderation tonight. Lots of begging and name calling going on with new players. :(
  7. It's been gone for 24 hours now. I don't think it's coming back. Tekkit/Minecraft servers only ever seem to last a few months. Anyone know of any other good servers?
  8. I've been kicked twice now for idling while standing at my project table trying to craft some engines. What is idle time out and how can I avoid it while crafting? :(
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