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  1. If your operating system doesn't work NOTHING will work. Also an example of an OS (or two) is Windows 7 SP1 64-bit Home Premium or Mac OS X (and a bunch of other numbers usually). Equally I have heard Java sometimes has problems with the Macintosh (Mac for short) OS when the most up to date version is used. Please find out what OS you have and preferably what Java version (up to date can mean the most recent version of version 6,7 or 8) so that people can actually help you.
  2. jvb50m is banned for shrieking in a very wierd way when I look at him for a split second
  3. My apologies there is indeed a mouth. Therefore you are banned instead for having barely noticable features that blend in with the rest of your avatar
  4. TheByteMaster is banned for having no mouth on his avatar despite having a face
  5. Intangible Darkness

  6. Thats an epic ninja effect right there... Anyway, cproo12 is banned for being a blank space
  7. age 20 ign phantomsight why do I want to play on the server? No griefers from what I hear and I like to hear that. What do I want to build? A functioning Computercraft airlock (the moon isn't required for this but cool) and a forest camp with digital storage space and a palisade maybe even a Celtic style town and a camoflaged tavern in the desert if one is nearby and several watchtowers.
  8. TheProlo is banned for stealing my pitchfork and for being less substantial than the cat that is eating him.
  9. watsonj11 is banned for being a lake. Lakes have no hands so how are you typing?
  10. Thebytemaster is banned for lacking sufficent binary code pairs in his avatar to be a byte.
  11. Okamikk is banned for not having enough green in his avatar.
  12. I almost made it to the mun earlier... Ran out of fuel and ended up escaping kerbin orbit and now have a probe in orbit around the sun which was ment to land on the mun... That said I might have had enough fuel if I hadn't accidently detached the solid fuel boosters before they ran dry. Also I have a Kerbal stranded in a near perfect orbit around Kerbin because again I ran out of fuel and it wasn't supposed to orbit but come back down again instead. Great Game though.
  13. Despite already going back once I will go back again just to look at the now sunken capital (or at least major city) of England (its now under the north sea somewhere between east anglia and holland I think). And then tell them the city will be underwater in a few hundred years
  14. Teraku is banned for wearing purple reflective glasses... Those are mine dammit! How am I going to see phantoms now? Maybe I shouldn't have just blurted out my secret like that...
  15. I would go back in time and set up an orbital defense network and ensure no-one even got to test Nuclear weapons, and demonstrate the effectiveness of the network by taking out some rather famous ships (of WWII) and cause a similar end to that war without killing millions of civilians and irradiating two cities for centuries to come. Doing so could possibly mean the cold war never occurs too.
  16. Might it be possible that the luncher is thirsty? Perhaps providing coffee will help? Cannot say anything about apricot jam but strawberry or raspberry probably comes inbetween for spreading.
  17. AprilElyse is banned for not keeping up with the calendar, its May now and has been for about ten days.
  18. luke something exploded in my base while I was offline, If you get time could you see if anything was happening there that shouldn't have been? A chest moved too and i'm down a fair amount of stuff
  19. richs_yard should be banned for not using all the characters present in the english language in his avatar, and oredering me not to type in the same tone of voice as his order.
  20. There is actually four types of copper and tin as far as I know having mined them near my base and at least two types of silver. Macerating them helps cut down that though as they become dust and there being one kind of dust to smelt. It is a pain when trying to sort things though... I think the ores are from universal electric, thaumcraft 3, Industrial craft and forestry or something like that. would be a lot easier if the ores were only one block type but I think that would involve a lot of time, changing the config would be easier I think so I agree with your suggestion.
  21. Might this help identify what is going wrong when trying to connect? (I'm also getting this steve's carts error) 2013-03-30 23:48:41 [WARNING] [ForgeModLoader] The mod BinnieCore was not found on the server you connected to, but requested that the server side be present 2013-03-30 23:48:41 [WARNING] [ForgeModLoader] The mod ExtraBees was not found on the server you connected to, but requested that the server side be present 2013-03-30 23:48:41 [FINE] [ForgeModLoader] The server has compatibility level 2 2013-03-30 23:48:42 [FINE] [fml.ItemTracker] The difference set is not equal: only on
  22. Kocken is banned for having a creepy smile. How can you be smiling when that spy sapped your sentry?
  23. Critically Endangered

  24. planetguy is banned for being an explosive rather than a planet P.S. I will get an avatar at some point...
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