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  1. I would imagine thats thaumcraft 3, just like the silverwood tree I'm hiding under till dawn atm.
  2. jonjon is banned for impersonating bonbons Edit: my PC doesn't like posting so if this is doubled up sorry.
  3. Jake is banned for being a gelatinous cube. And for his lack of spinal cord.
  4. IGN: Phantomsight Tekkit experience: little to no experience but a few months with Technic most known mod: IC2/Buildcraft why you should be whitelisted on this server: I want some experience in Tekkit and build some interesting contraptions Previous bans and why you were banned: None, only been on two servers and always followed the rules On another note can people go and build a condenser/transmutation tablet immediately? Just wondering given how much of EE is on the banned crafting list.
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