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  1. Hey all, still trying to sort out the last of the SMP grief issues which is the Philosopher's Stone. It is literally the only item left that people can abuse and lo and behold this morning when I woke up, in the four hours that I slept, someone destroyed a good bit of spawn, the battlenight lounges, the battlenight arena, and a fair number of peoples Towny protected homes. I have researched throughout the forum and seen the ModifyWorld PermissionsEX fix which looks like this: - -modifyworld.item.use.27526.on.block.* Unfortunately this is not stopping it. I also have modifyworld.* in t
  2. Yo Sponge, thanks for the info in this post. I have a quick question. When mucking around in the Towny settings I attempted to add quite a few items to the protection list but anytime I try to add an item with a subtype, like say a RM Furnace (128:4) Towny throws errors saying it can't read it and crashes the server. I have entered just base ID's such as 128 instead of having subtypes. Is there any way to format the syntax so that this wont happen? Do I need to enter subtype ID's as ,'128:4', instead of ,128:4, ? Thank you for your insight.
  3. I'm afraid that there doesn't seem to be that option as the lines in question from mod_EE.props are: AllowCollectors=1 AllowCondensers=1 AllowRelays=1 There isn't any separation of the types here. You might address this in the EE forum to see if someone will create a custom fix for you. I'm currently interested in figuring out a way to disable the philo stone transmute to sand ability, it is one of the only remaining issues as I do not want to remove it from the server due to it's necessity as a crafting resource for other items. Of course with it being the only remaining grief poss
  4. Ok, in your main minecraft server folder there is a file called mod_EE.props, open it. Inside you should see a list of EE items and the ID's they are assigned, and below that you will see a list of variables that begin with Allow such as: AllowRMTools=1 You will want to change the items you wish to block to 0: AllowRMTools=0 This effectively stops the crafting of the items. Players who still have the item will be able to use it. I recommend a mod such as OpenInventory so that you can remove the items which have already been created. I have been replacing the RM tools with DM tools
  5. Thank you for those patched .class files Thomas! This is a big step in the right direction. I'd really like to understand how to completely disable the items I listed from EE and Buildcraft as they pose the biggest threat to Tekkit servers atm. I suppose if I was able to actually log the ability use breakage of blocks like your patch allows for it would be easier to track down offenders. Thanks for your efforts, still looking for a way to handle the rest of this list with some sort of patch or even a workaround with other plugin/configs. Most of our community is open source, it boggles m
  6. Re: Tekkit SMP Grief Issues, Offending Item List Are you talking about the file mod_EE.props in the server's main directory? I looked in the /mod/ folder where the [3]EE2ServerV1.38-bukkit-cb1938.zip resides. Looking inside of it there are only java class files, not external yaml config. If it is indeed the props file, do i simply remove the id's of the items i don't want to exist? If not, can you please give the filename I should be looking to edit and it's usual path so I know where to find it? Thank you very much for your help.
  7. The following items have all been identified as causing serious destruction problems, bypassing LogBlock, WorldGaurd, and PermissionsEX item nodes. Can anyone shed some light on how to effectively disable the following list of items from a Tekkit SMP Server (Mods are primarily EE & IC2): Red Matter Pickaxe 27564 Katar 27572 Morningstar 27573 Shovel 27,565 Axe 27568 Hammer 27570 & Catalytic Lens 27556 Destruction Catalyst 27527 Hyperkinetic Lens 27535 Mercurial Eye 27583 Ring of Ignition 27533 Volcanite Amulet 27531 Nova Catalyst 128:
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