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  1. Info This is just a PRIVATE voltz war server. I am Redbark, I owned and Hosted Xeria, a Tekkit Lite Roleplaying Server, I recently made a voltz server to battle with moi friends. Thats it really. Apply Team Name: Name: If more than one member, Names: Why should you join?: Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: Members/Teams Team RedTheoShagwell Williamman57 Freesteak Iwazlikeomg Team Platinum Nick4211999 Lavionna Screenshots None yet, too lazy. It's just a regular old map
  2. Nothing... Personally I am scared to even have you on, but now it is not my decision it's cody's.
  3. Please note, I shall be passing ownership down to my right hand man, COdy (Iwazlikeomg) I am now attempting to start a MINERCRAFT rp Server instead. Good day.
  4. Well now at least you can tell us what happened, I will be right on to that. But why I REALLY banned you is that we could'nt hurt you/hit you which made you in gamemode 1. (I think, or a plugin which made groups bugged out on me)
  5. It has but I won't come on if I were you, some one used mystcraft and now it lagged up the server. Maintenance again
  6. Yeeeeep. Alright list of of people Denied and Accepted... Mystic_Wulf - DENIED Black Herald - DEINED (Denied Backwards) Diamondeye - ACCEPTED LEVUS - ACCEPTED UB43 -What the flying f*** is this?
  7. Tommorow please. Tonight is not good because I have to stop the server to do maintenance. Xgamer please do extend on your backstory, it's too bland
  8. Denied, do not be a cat Half of me thinks your trying to be the hulk... But really? I can see this being overpowered and over used. Either you two, drop the kitty cat act, this is not world of warcraft or that thundercats thing. I am being more strict than usual now to people who are not accepted to those who will now apply later. You take these applications seriously now. Run along kiddies
  9. Alright Stockham your accepted, I thought this through and your ship can help us in a later event.
  10. Sorry... You are a show character... Either be a made up character from your imagination, or be denied for eternity... Basically... Don't be Rainbow Dash.
  11. Due to problems, there no more of the old world. when you log in you will either encounter - A. A brand new spawn village. B - People BUILDING C - Emptyness
  12. Servers up Also heads up, the spawn has currently only one teleporter working so ask me if you want to get to a city