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  1. Info This is just a PRIVATE voltz war server. I am Redbark, I owned and Hosted Xeria, a Tekkit Lite Roleplaying Server, I recently made a voltz server to battle with moi friends. Thats it really. Apply Team Name: Name: If more than one member, Names: Why should you join?: Do you realize this is a server without Plugins?: Members/Teams Team RedTheoShagwell Williamman57 Freesteak Iwazlikeomg Team Platinum Nick4211999 Lavionna Screenshots None yet, too lazy. It's just a regular old map
  2. Are you still replying to the tekkit lite role play server?

  3. what is the mc server ip/ fourm

  4. Nothing... Personally I am scared to even have you on, but now it is not my decision it's cody's.
  5. Please note, I shall be passing ownership down to my right hand man, COdy (Iwazlikeomg) I am now attempting to start a MINERCRAFT rp Server instead. Good day.
  6. Well now at least you can tell us what happened, I will be right on to that. But why I REALLY banned you is that we could'nt hurt you/hit you which made you in gamemode 1. (I think, or a plugin which made groups bugged out on me)
  7. I have a question about my back story is it long enough?

  8. It has but I won't come on if I were you, some one used mystcraft and now it lagged up the server. Maintenance again
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