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  1. IGN: Burgershot15 (ugh Gifted name) Age: 16 How to Contact me: Skype [email protected] Or steam [G] Burgershot17 ( 17 was my prefered # for mc but meh it gone[http://steamcommunity.com/id/burgershot17/home) Do I have a mic: Yep How long have i been playing mc: I've been playing for about acouple of years and first months were pure Vinilla to just learn the game but after a few months i had to try out mods. Playing since 1.2.5 like 4 days before that update.
  2. Name:Edward Minecraft Username:Burgershot15 Age:15 Your long term minecraft project:A long term project that i would like to start would be creating a whole town and build thing that havent been atempted before and get on fresh start. Why you want to play on this server:Reason why I would like to play this server is that i prefer small servers that dont have like 100 slots and have 20 people who just make terible machines that cause major lag and just log off with a chunck loader.
  3. username:burgershot15 I will not grief in homeworld: I will not grief I will be polite & not swear in general chat: yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: yes I will report and not abuse any bugs: absolutly I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: I have played tekkit lite for 1 yr.
  4. Age: 15 Location: US WestCoast Build Style: when building I start with something small and start a new project and make constant progress Why you want to join: I havent been exposed to any mods this server seem like a good server to learn about tekkit What you can offer: I like building things that are large and always can find the silver lining of any cloud IGN: Burgershot15
  5. Who can head the red text in the top right corner of my avatar?

  6. it went down lol ill start it up again

  7. edit: i gots it back and your server is down again XD i has the worst luck

  8. Can you make it so we can use it with the new launcher? platform
  9. i got my server backup now.

  10. You want to be OP on my server? why

  11. I am updating my custom zip sorry for closing tthe server down im just updating its componets.

    1. Amymikune


      tis ok ^_^ i shall be watching and waiting
  12. Can i join your server? O-O please?

  13. I have a question about my back story is it long enough?