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  1. Name:Edward Minecraft Username:Burgershot15 Age:15 Your long term minecraft project:A long term project that i would like to start would be creating a whole town and build thing that havent been atempted before and get on fresh start. Why you want to play on this server:Reason why I would like to play this server is that i prefer small servers that dont have like 100 slots and have 20 people who just make terible machines that cause major lag and just log off with a chunck loader.
  2. username:burgershot15 I will not grief in homeworld: I will not grief I will be polite & not swear in general chat: yes I will respect staff & listen to directions: yes I will report and not abuse any bugs: absolutly I will know and follow the rules: yes I have _____ Tekkit experience: I have played tekkit lite for 1 yr.
  3. Age: 15 Location: US WestCoast Build Style: when building I start with something small and start a new project and make constant progress Why you want to join: I havent been exposed to any mods this server seem like a good server to learn about tekkit What you can offer: I like building things that are large and always can find the silver lining of any cloud IGN: Burgershot15
  4. Who can head the red text in the top right corner of my avatar?

  5. it went down lol ill start it up again

  6. Can you make it so we can use it with the new launcher? platform
  7. i got my server backup now.

  8. You want to be OP on my server? why

  9. I am updating my custom zip sorry for closing tthe server down im just updating its componets.

    1. Amymikune


      tis ok ^_^ i shall be watching and waiting
  10. I have a question about my back story is it long enough?

  11. Name:Edward Minecraft Username: burgershot15 Age: 15 Preffered Tekkit Mod: buildcraft, ic2 and steve`s carts Are you banned in any server(Y/N):N
  12. IGN: burgershot15 Character Name: Edie Character age: 17 Character sex: male Real age: 15 Real sex: male Backstory:I`m a orphan that was on the road to success but ended when a hit man is targeting me. I changed my name to Edie and roam to the ends of the Earth searching for the right calling. Curently I had a home but it was ruined my bandits in hope of my valuables. Finaly now looking for a town or secluded area to continue my study in science.
  13. IP: Rules: [1] NO hacking (not possible) [2] No abusing people [3] NO abusing mishapen in mc Mods installed: [1]FloatingRuins [2]IngameInfo [3]startingInventory[4]ReiMinimap[5]jammy_furniture[6]backpack [7]CraftGuide[8]CustomMobspawner[9]Mocreatures[10]Inventory tweaks[11]littlemaidsmob [12]matmos[13]Morebow[14]MoreExplosives[15]Thaumcraft3.0.3[16]TwilightForest [17]usefulfood[18]balkon weapon mod[19]treeCapitator[20]Optifine[21]TMI For old launcher Link for pack: https://dl.dropbox.com/s/imopfqpi7xp7dt8/ServerZip.zip?token_hash=AAE3eB1qJq4wzIPsXIZoKLtQe4e5camv93qwOmgOgLNLzQ&dl=1 [size 46.7mb] The whole story: I want a cool server that can have some mods but no to many that it will make the server to lag but to make minecraft enjoyable and simple for adventures. New Launcherof technic: Technic has updated its platform and requires links from the technicPlatform to use custom zip so here you go. http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/advenure-land pictures: This is my favorite texture pack and its not as default for the server or anything.
  14. Not to be mean but you gave the wrong part of the link away. you were supose to right click the download sign and copy that in innstead of the link you currently have posted.
  15. It says i need a lot of mods but, i just installed the pack?
  16. ip: rules: [1]no griefing [2]no trolling [3]no begging [4]no asking for op mod: no special requriement to join but volts