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  1. Amy has passed on. This account shall stay around to allow her memory to live on...hopefully.

  2. excuse me mr.epic. commen dropbox problem but the download has stopped working again. ^-^; sorry if im bugging you with something you already know.
  3. XD aside from the confuseing commands and no way to get back to spawn its an awesome server x3
  4. your server is empty so very very empty xD where is everybody?

  5. Reinstalling tekkit, java, and anything else i can think of to help me get back to meh servers hope it works.

  6. edit: i gots it back and your server is down again XD i has the worst luck

  7. i got my server backup now.

  8. I am updating my custom zip sorry for closing tthe server down im just updating its componets.

    1. Amymikune


      tis ok ^_^ i shall be watching and waiting
  9. O.o server is ether down or white-listed not sure which.... i wants to join so ign: Amymikune exp: minecraft 1.8. tekkit since technic pack 1. age: 20 if i need to add more(or less) tell me .
  10. Can i join your server? O-O please?

  11. O-O looking for a custom server that embraces the magic of thaum and mo creatures at the very least.

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