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  1. 2 new updates! Here are the notes: Update 1: Woo! New update! With this update, we get new mods, some config changes, and many bug fixes! Here are all the changes: The first official server listing is now in the default server list! If you have a server you want added to the list, let me know and I'll check it out! New Mods: - Levels Mod (Level up crafted weapons from all mods to give them new abilities) - Level Up Mod (Adds stats you can level up, see the guide book in-game for details) - Trade Booth mod (A little something for server owners to play with!) - GraveStone Mod (Replaces lootable bodies, this will fix many server lag issues, and also fixes some dupe bugs and other glitches) - Cooking For Blockheads mod (New recipe books!) Bug Fixes: - Your weapon/shield equipment menu is now accessible. Press Z to open it (main guide book is updated to reflect this) - Matmos now actually works. Liteloader was not installed properly before, so it was not even active at all! The volume has also been modified from the default to be more reasonable. - Bug spawning has been turned WAY down. There were many complaints about the bugs spawning too often, this should now be a non-issue. Tweaks: - Legendary armor recipes have been changed slightly to require advancement in The Abyss dimension - Starting inventory has been adjusted (New cookbooks, new lamp for your tent, less wooden tools to save clutter) - Several config issues have been changed in general. I can;t even remember them all! If there are any issues with this update, let me know! The sooner I can fix them, the less people will have to re-update when I do! Update 2: A quick fix for some big bugs! This patch fixes the following: - Bugs and piranhas now NEVER spawn. Ever. You're welcome, server owners. To ban additional mobs, edit the "badmobs.cfg" config file. There is an item in game called "Data Checker" that will give you mob IDs for use with that config by right-clicking the mob. No more mob problems! - Player inventory is now kept on death, always. This is tested to work with all of the unusual inventory slots we have. The gravestones mod has been kept so that server owners who still want players to use gravestones can simply remove the "keeping inventory" mod and players from the pack will still be able to connect, but will use gravestones instead. This will also keep existing worlds from losing their gravestones, and will keep the dungeons and blocks from the mod, which are really cool anyways! - Lootable bodies have been removed. I meant to take this out last time, but only took it out of the server files. It is now gone completely. - Matmos is now confirmed working. Volume is set at 80% by default. Press F7 and move your mouse up or down to adjust ambience volume. Come play the pack, it is better than ever!
  2. I've sent a ticket to support and have not heard back yet, so I figured I would ask around to see if this issue is occurring anywhere else/if there's a known bug. My downloads/runs stats have been frozen at the same number for over a week now. I am absolutely certain (based on tracking our real downloads numbers etc.) that we are now at a substantially higher number of downloads/runs, and yet our number is stuck in place and it doesn't seem to be changing. My modpack is experiencing some fantastic growth very quickly, so it is extremely discouraging to think that these stats may just be lost even if the problem is somehow fixed, especially considering that it affects how my modpack is ranked and listed on the website. Has anyone else had this issue? And has it been resolved or are those runs/downloads I'm getting all for nothing?
  3. It's finally here, our biggest update yet! This update adds the following:- Waystones have been given their own structure to make them more noticeable- 4 new structures have been added, each housing theor own portal to either the end, the nether, the twilight forest, atum, or... someplace else......- More new tooltips!- A new tier of equipment has been added... I wonder where you'll find it?!- Fixed flint! It now drops normally and can be crafted with 2 gravel.- As usual, more tooltips and general balancing.- Updated starting guide book to include some new pages! Removed mob events, scaled back piranha spawning.- Lots of super secret stuff, go explore!We also got the following new mods: - Atum Mod- Exotic Birds Mod- Obstrophies Mod - Craftguide (added to starting inventory)- Mutant Creatures Mod- Zelda Sword Skills Mod (configured to work with this pack better!)- AbyssalCraft Mod- New Dungeons Mod- BadMobs Mod (For some balancing things!)- IronChest Mod- Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 Mod
  4. I used to use copy.com back when it was still around, and that was amazing (basically unlimited download traffic). Been using dropbox for my new pack but the free version is just terrible, and I can't even make it through a day without my download breaking due to the traffic limit. What are you guys hosting with? Does the single user Dropbox membership help enough with the traffic limit to be worth it? Posting this outside of the pinned "places to host your modpack" thread because it's pretty dead in there, and I am looking for some more recent info from everyone.
  5. The dropbox account just maxed out on traffic. I am re-uploading to a new dropbox now, so it should work in about 10 mins.
  6. Our first big update! We gained the following:- Waypoint system! The Waystones mod has been added, and though their world generated waystones don't exist in the 1.7.10 version of the mod, I have added in our own system for generating waystones around the world randomly. You now start with an item that lets you teleport to unlocked waystones. -Matmos/Liteloader-Farlanders Mod-Project Zulu Mod-ChunkPurge Mod-The Camping Mod-Sound Filters Mod-Food Details Mod-Village Names Mod-FogNerf Mod (Gonfigured to keep biome fog but improve visability underwater and in lava)And many new configurations and tooltips, as well as an updated starting inventory (complete with a backpack to manage the clutter!)
  7. Welcome to the Craft & Slash Modpack Page! This modpack is designed to be the most immersive and cohesive RPG modpack out there. With a strong fantasy theme, this pack will throw you into a strange world, filled with many dangers and rewards. Fight monsters, tame dragons, forge weapons, loot dungeons, slay bosses, trade villagers, form bonds with civilizations, dabble in the dark arts, or even chop trees and build a house. Your adventure awaits! This modpack isn't just any modpack! here are some notable features from both the custom development of this pack, and some notable aspects of the mods included: * Several-thousand lines of custom configuration code! After countless hours of work, this modpack has been custom built to cross-integrate all of the mods. Find loot from every mod in every dungeon, craft ores from one mod into item from another, many more custom configurations. * Custom tooltips! Many new tooltips have been added for items that needed more info presented. Spend less time searching what items do on google and more time playing. More tooltips are added all the time, and you can suggest new ones in the comments if you find an item that isn't very descriptive. * Lootable corpses! Don't worry about dying, you can always go back and find your items on your body. Short of falling off of the map, your corpse will always be there, and will stay there forever, or until you take your items back. Waypoints will mark your death on the map, so you will never have to consider a death a total loss! * Mod textures and custom textures! The pack comes with the DokuCraft light texture pack installed by default, with tons of mod support added and many alterations made for a better experience. * Custom balancing! This mod pack is designed to have the most enjoyable plug-and-play experience. Items from many mods have been altered to work better in the pack, recipes for certain items have been added, changed, or removed to make things more fair, and changes have been made to make some less useful items more important. Every mod is in here for a reason, and these configurations help them work together for a better experience! * A custom objective: Crafting the legendary equipment! This pack contains special armor and a weapon that can only be made by those who brave all the trials the world has to offer. More info is in the guide book you spawn with! CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR TECHNIC PAGE * Armor Status HUD * Floating Ruins * Status Effect HUD * AgriCraft * Backpack * Battle Towers * Better FPS * BiblioCraft * Biomes O' Plenty * Botania * Chocolate Quest (i.e. Better Dungeons) * Cosmetic Armor * Custom NPCs (Mostly for extra items to work with) * Lootable Bodies * Mo' Creatures * Dungeon Pack * Easy Crafting * Enchanting Plus * Enchiridion * Extra TiC * FastCraft * Grimoire of Gaia * Iguana Tinker Tweaks * Infernal Mobs * Journey Map * Legend Gear * Lucky Block * Lycanite's Mobs * Millenaire (One of the only packs with this working properly on single player!) * Mythical Animals * Metallurgy 4 * MineTweaker/ModTweaker * More Enchantments * More Swords Mod * Natura * Not Enough Items * Pam's HarvestCraft * Pam's Harvest the Nether * Roguelike Dungeons * Ruins * Spawn Commands * Spice of Life * Starting Inventory * Tinker's Construct * Thaumcraft * The Betweenlands * TiC Auto Tool Station * TiC Tooltips * Traveller's Gear * Twilight Forest * WAILA (What Am I Looking At?) * WAWLA (What Are We Looking At?) * Wild Caves 3 * Witchery * Witching Gadgets * World-Tooltips * Levels * Level Up! Mod * Keeping Inventory * Trade Booth * Gravestones * Cooking for Blockheads * Waystones * AbyssalCraft * New Dungeons Mod * BadMobs * Iron Chest * Mine & Blade: Battlegear 2 * Atum * Exotic Birds * ObsTrophies * Craft Guide * Mutant Creatures * Zelda Sword Skills * Farlanders * Project Zulu * ChunkPurge * The Camping Mod * Sound Filters * Food Details * Village Names * FogNerf * And tons of custom configurations and modifications! To see some screenshots, check out [THIS GALLERY] Our goal is to be the best RPG/adventure themed modpack out there! However, we can't do that alone! We need your feedback in order to keep working on this pack. Feel free to comment on the discussion page with any feedback you have, and we will use that to keep making this pack better! ** Some feedback that is particularly helpful are: * Tooltip suggestions. There are many items in game that are not descriptive enough. If you find an item that could be helped by a better tooltip, feel free to let us know and it will be added in the next update! * Balancing issues. If some OP mobs spawn way too much, or some ability is way too punishing etc., let us know! If the community has a problem with certain problem mobs or situations, we'll re-configure things to make for a better play experience for all. * Bug reports. With this many mods running together, there is always a chance for a problem to arise. If you notice any bug, such as ID conflicts or something that isn't loading right, or texture issues, let us know! We'll do our best to fix them. If you're having trouble running the pack, need help reducing lag, or have some question that this page didn't cover, check out our F.A.Q. section labelled "Help" in the bar at the top of the our modpack page! If you have a question that isn't answered there, just post it in the discussions page or here and we'll be sure to answer it! * Full NPC villager overhaul. A new currency system will be implemented at some point, and villagers from all villages will be updated to trade useful items from all mods. There will also be currency conversion NPCs that can convert this currency to other forms of currency from other mods, such as Millenaire at a constant exchange rate. This currency can then be added to loot tables from mob drops and dungeon chests so that you can get what you want out of your rewards! * More tooltips! Every update will likely come with more tooltips as we receive more feedback. Our goal is to eventually make the pack completely self-explanatory wherever possible. * New weapon and armor tiers. Eventually, special tiers of gear will be made. This gear will be craftable using materials found in a variety of dungeons and bought from NPCs etc. in an attempt to reward players who advance in many areas of the game. * More dungeons and ruins! Eventually, custom dungeons and ruins will be created that will be exclusive to this modpack. These dungeons will have their rewards tuned to fill in various gaps in the mod pack, and possibly even add an element of world lore to tie everything together. * Official server and public server pack files. Eventually, an official server may be released, which will include tons of exclusive content. Before that though, a ready-to-go server pack will be added so that anyone can start an SMP server in no time!
  8. Despite my recent absence, the server is still online and active. Tier 10 is still in development, and will be released eventually as I find more time to work on it.
  9. Welcome to the official TerrorCraft thread! Description: TerrorCraft is one of the longest running, widely played, and customized servers there is. The server has been around for nearly 3 years so far, and has seen over 12,000 players log in and try it out so far. The setting is a world filled with horrors and darkness, which you wake up in with no memory. By completing quests, gaining power, fighting bosses, and exploring huge cities and dungeons, you can slowly piece together the story of the strange world, and change yourself from being a victim to a hero. Features: 100% original soundtrack, with a different background track for every town, dungeon floor, and boss fight Completely custom world, designed to play like an RPG. There are over 100 game areas to explore on your journey Over 100 quests to complete, with bonuses for completing all of the content in each zone as you go along A story-rich world. There are over 1000 NPCs to talk to, each with their own special dialogue, shops, and quests Tons of epic weapons and armor. You will rarely go unrewarded for the battles you fight! Extremely dynamic environment. This is a horror RPG after all! Lighting and sound effects are used to create an immersive environment Highly customized plugins and mod configurations, to ensure a completely unique experience with minimal load on the server and your client Custom textures. The primary texture pack is not original, but many textures and skins have been developed for new content unique to the server Survival mode areas! You can still collect blocks, break stuff, and build stuff outside of story areas! You can even protect what you create, lock chests and doors, etc. No whitelist! Updates! New content from balancing fixes, bug fixes, quality of life updates, and whole expansions are always being developed and released! Earn custom titles as you complete game content to show off your achievements! 24/7 uptime! Server has auto restarts, and has been around long enough for all the bugs to be worked out. Seasonal events Much, much more! How to play: Just add our pack, found HERE Once you have installed the pack, just click on the multiplayer option and connect! The server is already included in the server list when you install the pack. Rules: Basically, just be nice to each other! The server is extremely self sufficient, as there is no way to grief other players, and PVP is turned off. The only rule you can break is to be offensive etc. in chat, which will get you a warning and potentially a permanent mute. Players caught exploiting bugs without reporting them will be permanently banned (don;t even try, it is very easy for me to see when someone manages to do this). Screenshots:
  10. I'm in the same boat. Would use this in a heartbeat, but my modpack uses CustomNPCs with a bunch of custom assets, and comes in around 354MB and counting.
  11. I think I have worked out some of the crashing bugs we've had lately. Hopefully we'll have better up-time for a while now.
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