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  1. Name:Taylor Minecraft Username:taytaylog Age:14 Preffered Tekkit Mod:IC2 Are you banned in any server(Y/N):no
  2. Are you still replying to the tekkit lite role play server?

  3. IGN:taytaylog Character Name:Trenton Walker Character Age: 16 Character Sex: male Real Age: 14 Real sex:male Backstory: Born in a well developed city Trenton Walker wanted nothing more then to see the outdoors. His father was an engineer and mother a scientist. When he finally saw a forest he fell in love with it. Ever science then he never ate another animal (besides fish, he always hated fish but loved their taste) and lived in the forest. Trenton is a bit of a pacifist and hates fighting and violence. But, he does know a lot about since and machinery due to his parent's occupations. One day his forest burned down due to a freak accident involving one of his machines and now he's just looking for a new place to live and rebuild.