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  1. hehe....I thought this was my personal blurb...DUUUUURP!

  2. Hello, Technic! I am EnderHunter213, but you can call me Ender! I am a huge brony, and my favorite FiM character is Gilda! Brohoof? /)

  3. Applications IGN: EnderHunter213 Character Name: Xeron (Zee-Ron) Character Age: 20 Character Sex: Male Real Age: I'd ranter not tell... Real sex: Male Backstory: Xeron was the son of a powerful emperor. His father was killed during the raid of his palace. Now he is a mere nobody, wandering the world, trying to find a way to take back his stolen glory and avenge his father. All he has now are his pyrokinetic abilities. Description: 6' 11", black hair black, gold, and red robes, his late father's crown (which he managed to salvage from the palace's wreckage) Red and orange eyes Has problems with his anger secretly a brony Personality: Hot-headed, loud at times, mostly quiet, keeps to himself