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  1. what is the mc server ip/ fourm

  2. REAL ONE: IGN: littlebunnyf0ofu Character Name: Galen Character Age: 23 Character Sex: Male Real Age:13 Real sex: Male Backstory: joined the military because his home planet was destroyed, put through immense military school where he learned a lot about logic, strategy and mechanics. He was in the 25th regiment of the army when the base was attacked and everyone was kill, even him. due to his race, Vivaxers, he was able to force enoght life out of the dieing planet as he healed himself he finally got up took a ship out of the planet and crash landed on the server's planet (sorry don't know what it is) he floated in the ocean for 2 yrs in a hibernation state and finally healed himself back to full health. he finally hit shore and now wants to know where he is, what the date is, and what to do. Description: height: 5' 9" blonde/yellow ruffled hair wears his army camo cloths blue eyes He is mostly quiet to people he doesn't know. To his friends he talks a bit. whenever he talks to a person that he doesn't know he always has a reason. he normally is calm and at peace but is always strategizing. due to military training anyone who he deems a higher rank than him he listens to
  3. this one is for fun: Character Name: John Character Age: unknown Character Sex: Male Real sex: Male Backstory: abducted as a child, forced into the military this man is a superhuman, the ultimate soldier. at the age of 15 he had electronic implants and was already beating pro soldiers. at the age of 16 he was picked for the... (sound familiar) spartan IV program receiving an A.I. and spartan IV armor he then set out on a series of campaigns against the threat. he was lost but was found a few months ago and... is... now... kicking... ass. yes he is 117