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  1. Name:camrin Minecraft Username:how_2_pk Age:19 Your long term minecraft project: I enjoy building, i would like to set up a small business producing major amounts of building materials and selling them throughout the server, aswell as being contracted to build for others. Why you want to play on this server: been looking for a smallish community to join, and get to know people on, as well as just enjoy the necessities of minecraft with
  2. Sure, i wouldnt mind doing a letsplay on tekkit, you can reach me at skype @ camrin.woodruff just dont be a 12 year old squeeker
  3. Umm UB43, i am not sure if you are trolling or serious. but at any rate you will indefinably have to talk to red before your even considered. from my perspective this could be an age issue.
  4. IGN:how_2_pk (sorry that part slipped my mind) Character Name: Devrots Character Age: 27 Character Sex: male Real Age: 22 Real sex: male Backstory: Raised as a warrior Devrots is an orc from the northern plains in Grifolai. Ever the loner, and horribly creative by an orcish standard, he left home at the young age of 15, as to seek out a higher education to be an architect. Seen by everyone as an outcast, he spends his days by himself. building an empty town, him and a few others being the only few to live in the miles wide beauty that he constructed by hand, day and night tirelessly. never to be accepted, he builds to be remembered. Description: Roughly 7'8" silverish hair Pale green skin Large build Deep voice
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