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  1. Well this whole ID stuff is a pain in the donkey. I looked at that IDmap dumps from NEI (I think its that mod) and I'm also capable of comparing .txt files, but not even the names of the blocks and items stayed the same... There must be an easier way. Where is the information for classic that there exists a particular block and why can't Lite use this? (Does your program do something other than changing block IDs, havoc?)
  2. Differ the IDs from world to world? Because I just used Aerberus' patch.txt and the map (still working) looked even worse than before. E.g. obsidian went missing. Do I have to change other files as well? If there is no solution (using other people's patch.txts), I will try to find the IDs by myself.
  3. The new Buildcraft-plugin didn't work for me at all. The conversion to Lite still works fine (except for missing Lappacks and Emeraldswords), but the outcome is the same with Midas 0.2.3 and Midas 0.2.4