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  1. But I wish you at least contact me and establish some form of communication whether on here or skype or mumble.
  2. I'm very upset with this server, after being put on the whitelist I joined the server and tried to interact with the players. I was denied the chat command. Even the help command was disabled. And when the ops couldn't help me, they ended up banning me. A message was sent to the owner but he has still yet to make a response. If you are a player looking to join this server, I suggest moving on to another because the staff are simply not helpful.
  3. IGN: Stockham Character Name: Thighe Character Age: 60 Character Sex: Male Real Age: 25 Real sex: Male Backstory: In a galaxy far far away, a intergalactic ship wright is lost in a uncharted star system. He is attacked by meandering space pirates and suffer massive damage to his ship. Before receiving the final blow which send him in oblivion, a freak wormhole materialize and swallows the ship whole. Transporting him through time and space, he enters the universe according to us and makes a crash landing. He is now stranded, ready to begin a new life.
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