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  1. Awsome cheers. I've only been able to run some prelim checks as I'm at work right now. But everything seems to be working. Atleast nbtexplorer is still showing the pipes with all the correct data after a server start. And no more pipeid -1 errors.
  2. I believe that's related to your above "Skipping TileEntity with id teleportPipe" issue. Looking at the images I attached in my previous post. If you start the server with the id: teleportPipe tag. Then you will erase all of the other variables (internalPower/nextPowerQuery/pipeId). Because the entity still has a buildcraft block ID buildcraft tries to find the pipeId but can't find it. Leading to a -1 or NULL. However if you edit the id: teleportPipe tag before starting the server (after running midas) with the tag changed to id: net.minecraft.src.buildcraft.transport.GenericPipe. Then the other internal variables are kept, thus solving the issue.
  3. Completely take back what I said about teleport pipes earlier. Above is the NBT data from a wooden conductive pipe in a test world i put together. On the left is the old buildcraft and on the right is the new. The important parts are pipeId and id (at the bottom). pipeId was correctly changed by midas. However the ID at the bottom I changed manually. By default it was left as teleportpipe. If you loaded the world like that you get the "Skipping tileEntity telportpipe" errors, and end up with invisible blocks. I manually edited the id to "net.minecraft.src.buildcraft.transport.GenericPipe" via NBTExplorer (after restoring a backup I had). This time around the pipes loaded. No errors at all. havocx42, do you think there is any way of building that into midas or not?
  4. true. I am going from buildcraft 2.2 to 3.4. If I get bored tonight I might try a staggered upgrade. Maybe to 2.9 first then 3.0 finally 3.4. Of course that's provided I can be bothered to find the older versions. I'm in no hurry to push this map live any time soon. Waiting on atleast the next pre-release of ee for alchemical chests.
  5. I did a lot of digging yesterday using mcedit and nbtexplorer. It would seem that havocx42's tool is indeed migrating the buildcraft pipes correctly. The issue appears to arise when the converted world is started for the first time. To simplify my testing I edited my buildcraft config to match pre and post migration. I then used havocx42's tool such that it didn't know about the buildcraft.genericpipe id. It did however know about the internal pipe id conversion. For clarity all buildcraft pipe blocks (be they wood, gold, transport or conductive) all share the same block id (166 in my case). And in the minecraft nbt files this blocktype has an internal variable that stores what kind of pipe it is. With this set up I checked the pipes data using mcedit before and after using Midas. Both showed that the block id was the same, and that the internal pipeid variable had changed as per my mapping. After starting the world the pipes were still invisible. So I fired up mcedit again. This time although the block id was still the same, all the internal variables had been deleted. At this point I've run out of ideas. If starting the map is causing the invisible pipes I'm just going to set the block id to air and refund the people on the server their pipes. Apologise and ask them to rebuild
  6. Hum, sounds like a plan. Cheers i'll give it a go. Unfortunately mine would probably never actually work for anyone else. Since i'm building my own modpack for some friends, that combine elements of tekkit lite, voltz and others. Thus I've had to custom set a fair number of block IDs that won't match with tekkit lite.
  7. Finally got around to testing that today. The dropbox contains the patch.txt with the addition of all the info I could find in the buildcraft/additional pipes config files. One thing i did notice is there doesn't appear to be a match for a few of the buildcraft block IDs. eg Unfortunately the pipes are still missing in the new world.
  8. Thanks I'll look into that in a bit. Unfortunately I have a rather busy weekend.
  9. Unfortunately yes. I noticed that none of the other patch.txts actually accurately matched my world. Mostly it was redpower items that stopped working as redpower has the ability to auto assign failed IDs. Although my old IDs will match a version of Tekkit classic, my new IDs will not match Tekkit lite. I've rolled in a rew additional mods and built it from scratch, so none of the config files probably match. I recommend looking back a few pages where people have given a python script that takes the dumps from NEI. Just remember to drop both Item IDs and Block IDs. The Advanced Pipes and buildcraft config files are up on the dropbox I did make a few changes to Patch.txt since yesterday, which has also been uploaded
  10. yeah i figured as much. was just too lazy to edit them out. Used excel to make the list. I do far too many VLOOKUPs while at work and its rubbed off
  11. The patch file as well as the two id files i've used to build it can be found on dropbox here: As for version numbers: AdditionalPipes2.1.3u42-BC3.4.2-MC1.4.7.jar buildcraft-A-3.4.3.jar MC - 1.4.7 Forge -
  12. First off let me say thanks for the tool havoc. Its been a massive help trying to convert my world. I had almost given up on getting buildcraft pipes to work until I saw you'd updated the tool to handle it. However so far I've not had any luck exporting them over. The pipes in my inventory get converted fine, but the placed pipes still turn into invisible blocks. The server logs also still contain the error: 2013-02-22 15:15:52 [WARNING] [buildcraft] Pipe failed to load from NBT at 332,73,639 2013-02-22 15:15:52 [WARNING] [buildcraft] Detected pipe with unknown key (-1). Did you remove a buildcraft addon? I'm using the latest buildcraft and additional pipes mods. As well as my own custom patch.txt