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  1. Thanks, i81! There aren't many tekkit anarchy servers, and this one is among the best of them. (I know: I've been playing on anarchy servers (vanilla and tekkit) for about two years as of now). The rules are no-bullcrap, and only those items are disabled that absolutely need to be disabled. Keep up your work - the world needs great tekkit servers!
  2. who needs a world of diamond ore, if the tekkit lite itself has at least 5(!) ways of automatic mining? well... if the map is really 1000x1000 - i believe, this restriction will end soon. i've seen such servers, and all admins finally understand that's plainly stupid. i'm not a mystcraft hater. i just ran servers, and my friends ran servers. everywhere mystcraft had to be put down eventually. after a couple of weeks it boils down to such a problem: either the server runs without mystcraft, or it doesn't run at all... :(
  3. i'm not trying to take the "fun" out. what's the fun when the server is permanently down? mystcraft is next to UNUSABLE in SMP. btw, OP never said that map is just 1000x1000, and what's more, tekkit lite 0.6.1 has Dimensional Doors in it - with some luck and creativity you can do with it everything mysctraft can do. without server overhead and crashes.
  4. you should really consider removing mystcraft - after a while it will become just one big CRASH. i know what i'm talking about. and there's a really huge duping bug in out-of-the-box tekkit lite. fortunately the fix is very easy. PM me if you want details. btw, your server is down atm.
  5. is the owner ever online?? i've found a REALLY HUGE duping bug on the server. by "huge" i mean total gameplay ruining. for details and fix please PM me or contact me when i'm online on the server.
  6. hm... it really looks like a decent server. what's the world difficulty?
  7. yeah. writing a name on a board is indeed easy, especially when you:
  8. what's the server difficulty? is there any /tp /sethome and other kindergarten stuff?
  9. Yeah. First impression sucks, especially when you can't get out of some hole, /spawn says "error: unhandled exception" and the world difficulty is set to kindergarten so you can't even starve.
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