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  1. IGN: JordanJAWS Age: 19 Why Gearz?: I Played on the last gearz server and put a lot of effort in, enjoyed the gameplay and the community. What Do I Want To Build: A nice town and open community area, get factorys and quarrys running and hopefully an automation system in a town would be nice
  2. Name:Jordan Username:JordanJAWS Time Zone:GMT Country:UK Age:19 E-MAIL: [email protected] Why you should accept me: Me and my friend OShea have completed a double town on another server but having trouble with someone on it so we are looking to start fresh with the new challenge of Voltz items and get a town up and running there, im an adapt player and been playing for 3 years now, and hopeing to make the newer and crazy builds
  3. Servers amazing, I've played on numerous servers before, jail servers, hunger games, community servers and none come close in comparison. The community here is amazing, everyone is so nice, kind and easy to get along with. the mods are a great admin team too as when you have a problem that the players cant help you with its dealt with almost immediately. The layout of the maps are easy to understand and its a great server to make friends and have fun while playing tekkit. This really is the best server I've been on and don't plan on leaving 10/10 guys