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  1. Was just wandering through the forums to reminisce a bit. Thought I'd say hi.
  2. Best server I've ever played on. <3 everything about it! If you're mature you'll love this place. + there's like 5 other servers to play on if you want a different game with the same peoples. 10/10, would recommend. Also, Hi. :D
  3. Re: Common Problems (And their solutions) Is there any way to get it set up without an internet connection? For instance, I download the launcher on my mobile, and tranfer it over to my computer which currently has a fried network card. Could I instead get a zipped form of it, as in previous iterations?
  4. Re: Disgruntled player modifies title to spite the ADMINS Well, umm... ya see... about that... I kinda didn't.
  5. Re: Disgruntled player modifies title to spite the ADMINS Screw you, I'm loving this attention. Live and let troll.
  6. I got a job, as well as a few other responsibilities. I'm growing up, and finding myself uninterested in minecraft. I just don't have the motivation, you know? I kind of started the thing in an impulse one weekend anyway with no real plans so blah. ps, Open your eyes, look up to the skies and seeeeeee.
  7. What did you do to resolve the issue? I'm open to alternatives to WG.
  8. I don't want to remove everything that explodes, that would be every item in IC2 and Buildcraft. Something that simply doesn't let blocks be changed in a region would be optimal.
  9. TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE! I seriously need help D': I need to guard things!! Otherwise chaos will ensue! DO YOU WANT CHAOS ENSUING!!! (don't think I'm not looking for answers meyself, I am. I can't find them)
  10. I have Tekkit and Worldguard on my server and I'm a total noob at both so I don't know if this post is anything more than &quot;Help me I stink&quot;, but here goes. I've noticed that worldguard works... if you use only vanilla items. As soon as you throw tekkit in the mix, it becomes obsolete. (In a region with a single owner, and build, tnt and ender/creeper griefing set to deny) The plugin blocks TNT and Any manual block breaking, but iTNT, mining lazers, nukes, and other tekkit specific blocks and items are permitted to be used to break blocks. I chalk this up to Worldguard simply not accounting for a modded server/client. So I guess my questions is, Am I doing it wrong? Is there a better plugin out there, perhaps one made with Tekkit in mind? What can I do to protect my spawn? Thank you!
  11. Re: Ted Hey, man. Ted does all that scary shit. I have no hand in it. I just write about it.
  12. Re: Ted When I get enough support with this server, I have a crazy, crazy idea. But, I'm not telling until I know I can pull it off. Teehee, secrets :3
  13. Oh, thanks! That solves that problem. Just pointing this out: All users can use /spawn by default (i think), which could be a problem on PVP servers (teleporting out of fights). So disabling that would be good.
  14. I'm sorry if this is a nooby question, but where can I find the page that tells me what all the permissions nodes are?
  15. I'm starting a Tekkit server and was just wondering if anyone knew any ways that someone not opped could spawn blocks, or cheat, or cause general mayhem (Without legitimately earning the things needed to cause mayhem) with the base Tekkit mods. If there is any cheating that can be done, what can I do to prevent it? I'd like to nip any potential problems in the bud. Thanks in advance. :)
  16. Re: Ted Heehee, sorry. I guess you can be my evil twin or something ...or the good twin. hmm. Bmandk: Thanks for the nice words And to answer your question I went ahead and explained Ted's role and my role in the server. Should be an interesting dynamic.
  17. Re: Ted Server Journal This is a cool idea that I just came up with and thought I'd try out. Basically it's a quick journal of the goings-on and big acheivments in the server that I'll update every 'Splosion Saturday. 2/4/12 Nuke #1 was set off in the woody mountains (southwest of spawn) by RobertJoe, our more... trigger-happy... regular. Spawn is re-built, mostly, and we're working on the final touches. There are 2 towns in development: The Alliance's Headquarters - a town formed by me, and YeaBrandon, and RobertJoe's Town - headed by RobertJoe. Both towns are not yet under construction, but it would be nice if we had citizens anyway, so pick one, or be a lone wolf. (Pun intended) Ted is STILL Nowhere to be seen, but I have feeling that something is building up. Older Journals:
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