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  1. So the power has a place to go. Without that there will be no power going through the wires, meaning that your electricity trap would just be a big waste of materials and space. Also, damn this is impressive. Can't wait for an enterprising thief to figure out a way to break through it regardless.(Aside from basic precautions like looking for plates and the like.)
  2. The best program to use for recording your own voice is Audacity. It has a lot of tools for recording and editing sound. Also, you can choose which track gets recorded from what device. Makes life easy if you have more then one mic, or want to record from a mic and your speakers all at once.
  3. Quit blowing everything up you morons!

  4. Well hell. It still looks like Wednesday Adams.
  5. I think it is Wednesday Adams. (Can't be certain though.)
  6. Find the .jar Right click the .jar find the "open with" option and hover over it. Find the "choose default program" option. Click that option with your HAMFIST! Click browse in the window that pops up. Find Java Platform (SE) binary. Use your HAMFIST to click that as well! Press the ok button Receive technic.
  7. Try running the jar with java. Just double clicking will likely open the jar in 7zip or winrar.
  8. It looks like it failed to download a file [00:21:18] [sEVERE] Download of Failed! More then three times. I think when that happens it pops out an error and stops the download from going any further. Best I can say is (Even though you have put an exception in) turn off the firewall and AV for a little bit, run the launcher, and see what happens. Aside from that, you might have just been unlucky and attempted to get that file while the server had a hic-cup.
  9. First, this is the wrong section. Second, try opening your crafting table, pressing the recipe key over the wrench, and then the question mark that shows up. It should create a nice pattern showing you where to put the stuff. If that doesn't work then you should try removing the cache and running again. (In the launcher options delete cache.) Also, make sure that you are using the right item for covalence dust. charcoal with 8 cobble for low, redstone and iron for medium, coal and diamond for high.
  10. Well... uh... you should update your launcher to the latest one. That one is old, the new one is
  11. Good luck drawing back a crossbow with one hand, sure you can FIRE two of them, but unless you have a repeating crossbow you are not going to get more then two shots.
  12. The latest tells us almost nothing, you may THINK it is the latest but it isn't. You can find your java information in Control panel> Java> General tab> Click the about button. Make sure your java matches the type of windows you are using (Should be 64bit in your case.) I will assume that "Diapers" means "disappears" Unless you swath your computer in huggies or something. Regardless, have you tried opening up "C:\Users\(Usernamehere)\AppData\Roaming and finding the .techniclauncher folder? It should be just below the .minecraft folder. In that folder there should be another folder called "Logs" which will have your Error log in it. Use pastebin and link it here please, then we might be able to see what is going on.
  13. It looks great. Ground up baby animals as fuel... Welp.
  14. Aren't they called savants? Oh well. "That's no moon, it's a space station!"
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