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  1. Dear gavjenks Ive seen your invention to kill someone with quantum armor using eu. I tried rebuilding it but something wasnt right. Would you consider making it into a map or explaining it into further detail for me? thanks. -zorching

  2. You, are a fricken genius. All these inventions for all the that you have decided to create out of a fabric of space time (Not to mention bending it) Is ridiculous, Hats of to you mate

  3. Build your reactor all in one chunk. Rei's minimap has a feature that allows you to see the chunk boundaries on the minimap.
  4. Apparently, due to something that changed in 1.3, and due to the bukkit people not having open source code or having the staff or motivation to work together with Forge, it would take literally almost 100 hours of work for every single MC update to make the forgebukkit build that is needed to port things over. The people who used to do it just said "Sod this" and decided not to waste 100 hours of their time every update anymore. Thus, without the ability to easily port things from one API to the other, forge and bukkit are now basically isolated, and they modify some of the same class files, so they are incompatible. Thus, it IS an either/or choice from here on out, it looks like. And Bukkit or Forge can indeed "win" something: users. They will both want as many users as possible. So Forge now has a motive to expand its serverside capabilities to allow forge-based competitors for things like worldguard and worldedit and so forth, in order to attempt to provide the only full server AND client mod platform. Hopefully, this increased motivation will speed up people working on things like that, and there will be workable, forge-only server management plugins in the somewhat near future.
  5. I don't think this is anything to be HORRIBLY concerned about. Bukkit is not actually needed for any of the tekkit mods. It's there for convenience for large servers with lots of strangers they dont trust, since bukkit is the place to go for things like worldguard, etc. However, bukkit plugins never really worked all that well in tekkit anyway (very hard to block all the destructive crap from wreaking havoc and still let people use more than 20% of the modpack). Also, it is entirely possible that Forge will begin to include more serverside coding hooks soon, so that people will be able to code basic server management plugins IN FORGE itself. Thus, tekkit could just abandon bukkit, keep all the same client mods, and people could do rudimentary server management with forge server plugins. I assume that that would be plenty good enough to allow us tokeep up with MC updates, and bide our time until a Mojang API comes out, to truly unlock the potential again for very powerful client and server mods. But that sort of thing is in no way required to make things work still. It would be nice, however, if the tekkit team were to put out a forge-only version ASAP though, in light of this news (RP and a couple other essentials aren't up to 1.3.2 yet, sadly, but after that yes)
  6. Yes I understand. I am saying that there are literally dozens of types of machines you can build using a condenser alone (no collectors), that will just sit there, while you are offline, and produce EMC, just like a power flower. And they will do so in some cases orders of magnitude faster than power flowers will for the same cost. A single rotary macerator, a condenser, and a couple of windmills can produce 1500 EMC per second, for example (as much as over 60 Mk 3 collectors!) In fact, even if you ban condensers, that's still not good enough. If I put a gem of eternal density in an alchemical chest, then I can pump stuff from a darkroom or a blaze rod grinder into that chest and still end up with a concentrated source of offline EMC. So you would need to ban condensers, collectors, (alchemical chests and alchemical bags) or gems of density, transmutation tablets, probably black hole bands, and mass fabricators. And I'm probably forgetting some things, still. I strongly suggest simply banning all of EE2, if you want a "legit" finite resources survival server. (And mass fabs) All of these things except the mass fabs can be banned using the EE config file in the root directory.
  7. I am nitpicking the mention of glass fiber, because it is a simple fact that there is a huge portion of the population in tekkit who will build glass fiber cables for EVERYTHING, no matter how silly, even when they are strapped for resources and struggling to get enough to build other things. I can only assume that most of those people do that because they read threads and hear people suggest glass fiber as an option every single time, and don't stop to think about it with any level of nuance, nor do they ever hear any dissenting opinion or other information. So I find it important to make sure that people realize that this is a wasteful strategy, and discourage people from mentioning it when it doesn't make any sense, to help control the epidemic of people shooting themselves in the foot.
  8. Don't use glass fiber, that would be ridiculous and provide absolutely no benefit in exchange for the diamond spent. Just use tin cable instead of copper, and your problem is solved, the end. If and when you have enough solar panels to make LV arrays, then just make a batbox up top next to the arrays and copper cable instead, and dont worry about the 3% (1/32) energy loss.
  9. Yes, you can ban collectors. However, this will NOT accomplish what you want. If you don'tban condensers completely, AND transmutation tablets, then it will still "break the game" in the exact same way as power flowers. In fact, most of the EMC generators that only use condensers are significantly faster than power flowers, for those who know what they are doing. There's no way around it: virtually every part of EE breaks the game, if what you desire is an actual survival server with finite resources and such. In fact, UU matter will also break the game in the same way as power flowers, and just as severely, only slightly slower. You should also ban mass fabricators if you dont want people spawning free stuff.
  10. Are you attaching things to frames with PANELS (not covers)?
  11. I don't know what's wrong without pictures. Please provide screenshots. Also, be aware that if you would be seriously griefed without a force field, you will STILL be seriously griefed with a force field. Force fields do little or nothing to stop serious griefing, so I suggest you move your base way out into the middle of nowhere (8000+ blocks out) underground, and forget about the forcefields, if you truly ar ejust looking for safety.
  12. ^this. I don't actually believe that you watched those tutorial videos carefully. Maybe you found one bad one and skimmed it. No, watch like 2 or 3 of the highly rated ones all the way through.
  13. That would be even MORE wasteful. Copper cables lose one EU every 5 blocks. if you have a cable that is, let's say 60 blocks long (the whole idea was that it might be over 40), then if you just put one batbox at the top, and then copper all the way down with no other batboxes, you would be losing almost 40% of all your power... (you'd better be worrying about adding more at the top, cause you'll HAVE to add about twice as many to the top just to make up your losses) An MFE with gold all the way down would be vastly more expensive (several diamonds and lots of gold and iron vs. like... fewer than 10 pieces of tin...), and you would still lose about 16% of all your power. Running tin for 39 blocks, however, then a batbox, then maybe a couple more batboxes in the last 20 blocks would be still MUCH cheaper than even the full copper system, and would only lose 5-6% of power.
  14. Okie. Is the MCPC build available from bukkit.org? Or does somebody else do that?
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