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  1. Sup! First off, my IGN (In-Game-Name) is: weepsi2000 Second, my best mod. (Are you expecting me to brag? Cause' I'm not going to!) Hmm... Well, I love EE2 and IC, but I think I'll say EE2. (Equivelant Exchange 2) Third: I'm above 14. Let's just say that's my age. Fourth: (I'm Dutch, so I'm from Holland, in Europe, which is pretty common on the web, but there's a big change you guys aren't Dutch. No problem though, my OCD' is high enough to try and make use of my English grammer as much as possible!): My Skype Name: yvonnebavelaar I hope I can join a server where I'm free to do whatever I want with builds. (Like factory's etc.) Looking forward to it! Have a nice fishy day, -Sander
  2. I'm just wondering if there's a new thread about this discussion. It looked like this was the one I was looking for, but it has kinda withered out (yes, I've noticed, it's a miracale). I'm not that interested in Tekkit Classic anymore, overall, but these threads keep me reading on and on about machines or contraptions in Classic. Any idea if there are any threads like this still going on about Classic? Tanks, -Sander
  3. Is this thread still going? I love the feedback on this! Read it all! 2 questions, though: Q. 1.: Is there a YT video about this? I've seen a few of them out there, but I don't think one of those were from any of you guys. And they're pretty s-crap-tastic. Q. 2.: What about a catalitic lens? Is it banned at the servers you guys play on, because someone can EASILY take all of your stuff when they find it? I mean like, them looking down and ripping it all apart? Have a nice fishy day, -Sander
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