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  1. Username: zeeman706 Age: 15 Location: New York, Rock Tavern Have you ever been banned from any servers?: Yes, once for building a skyscraper, that a rouge mod said I could build. Can you read and write English (Note, Rules are in English)?: Lol yes Summarize your MC/Tekkit Experience: I've tried to get serious in minecraft, but tekkit servers tend to close, a lot, so I've never gotten very far. hopefully I can get far on this server.
  2. tekkit.mcmods.me will be up for the rest of the year and the next (Forever lol) Just try it. I like it, but not many people are on.

  3. Age: 14 years old IGN: zeeman706 Why Do you want to Play on this Server?: I'm looking for a server full of wonderful people and wonderful builds, in witch I can build and explore tekkit, and do it with others that share my urge to become OP What Do you want to Build?: I want to build a massive facility producing power, rocket fuel, and high end tools, also I want to make lots of reactors, and a rail system connecting all of the towns, major ones of course.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm looking for a serious tekkit server that plans to be around for at least one year. Looking for a server with towny that has at least one major city, non pvp or if it does, it doesn't happen much, a stable economy, and fair rules against exploits and other things that could make the game unfair to others, hope that a server like this exist!
  5. I'd love to join but I just need to know how many people there are on online at once, hope its around 10-15
  6. if i'm correct, chunks stay loaded for at least 15 minutes after it is left, and if not, you can always use a world anchor
  7. you can use rail craft tank carts, put lava into tank push cart through nether portal cart unloads lava into a tank push cart back through
  8. IGN: zeeman706 Tekkit experience: I have made a under water base that can run 24/7 without producing lag, i am also rather good with IC2 Most known mod: Industrial Craft 2 Why you should be whitelisted on this server: I should be whitelisted on this server because i think that i will give the economy a new level of complexity and make it more fun by manipulating to the way i see fit. much like the game eve online Previous bans and why you were banned: I have 2 bans, one for building a skyscraper with permission from a moderator who was in trouble, and the other ban was from "abusing" a plugin, but the function i used was unlocked so that one is not valid either since they did not say it was against the rules.